Turn off the lights
Put your headphones on
Melt into the blackness
Listen to this song

And listen until
You’re all filled up again
Reach out and I will
Hold your hand

In the dark
With only music between us
This might be perfect
I never could have dreamed this

I never could have dreamed this

It’s better this way
Let the music consume us
Cause it seems that
Possibly words might doom us

And with the lights out
Were less dangerous
And once again
We might be strangers

With my eyes closed
Your hand in mine
You heart pours endless
Lyrics in my mind

Maybe it just might be
Better this way
This night just might just be

It’s never too late to be
Exactly who we want


Photo by HiddenMoves (Link)


2 thoughts on “Headphones

  1. All the poems I put up are new except the ones when I first started this blog. My daily inspiration comes from many different sources, but mainly I tap into my emotions the best I can. I write pretty much everyday now, but something that just really gets my poetic juices flowing is listening to music while I write. A good song will sometime just cause poems to spill out of me. Only problem is sometimes my poems come out sounding more like lyrics. In the end though, I feel like whether you write four poems or thirty poems a month, the most important part is to write something you’re proud of. I hope this helps:)


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