Black and blue hues
Hug the horizon
Of my mind
Stars start to form galaxies
As I watch the universe
Leave everyone behind

Ten suns circle the sky above me
They hide the moons from me
In grim melancholy
I look out my windows
At a lovely raging sea

The cells in my body start to
Dissolve in the air
The planets align
Then just disappear
Colors desaturate till all is gray
I remember tomorrow like it was yesterday

If you should
Put your hand out to me
Invite me to go with you
To surf the heavens
Through wormholes and
Between dimensions

If you should
Grab a surfboard
Invite me to go with you
To drown in oceans
Rubbing sharks
With sunscreen lotions

Take me with you
Wherever you should go
Keep your eyes closed
And you might miss the show
Nothing is real
Infinity is now
If you think
You can’t do anything
I’ll show you how

We’re now existing inbetween
Reality and fantasy
We’re now existing inbetween
Free will and destiny

Cause we’re just ghosts
Moving chairs
While those with flesh 
Just live in fear
And you ask how they can be so blind
They sit and watch
As they’re left behind



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