Dancing With My Shadow

My head is thick
Between my ears
All common sense just
My eyes
Oh man they must be blind
I just keep falling
Down the stairs
I just keep
Breaking every bone
I just can’t
Leave you alone

I’m here
Dancing with my shadow
While everyone
Is looking at their hands
The music
In the room
Hits a crescendo
And a bottle of whiskey
Hits the window
And before I even
Feel the glass
I sense that you are about to pass

You go before me
And I sense that you are going to
Ignore me
You may never know
How much
You are part of me

And it pains me
To feel this way
Though the melancholy
Of it
Makes so much poetry
Though it’s mostly

My head is thick
And the words are awkward
And even when I say nothing
To you
It feels so incredible just to be near
So I just keep
Dancing with my shadow
Is there even any music playing
Your heartbeat is all I can hear



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