Fresh Ink

Fresh ink
Love is thick
Moves too quick
Empties everything inside you

Makes you dream
Of your enemy

Skin is thick
And painted
Not an empty space in sight

Makes the sunlight
Darker than night

Of your enemy
Faded on your skin
Never forget their face
Every memory in sight
Not an empty space
Except inside

Fresh ink
Leaves you empty
You know you’re right
Faded by the sunlight
You know you should
Stay inside tonight

Love is quick
Hate is thicker
You can taste it

It tastes different than before
Like fresh ink
Spilling out of pores

Kiss your enemy
It’s on their lips
It leaves you empty
Feels different than before

Look at your enemy
Their face is faded
They look different than before

Skin is empty
See your face
Look inside
Ink begins to fade



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