You’re Trapped!

Look around, what exactly do you see
Some beautiful distorted version of reality
How much of what you see is really true
How much is just a reflection of you
Images deciphered by the brain
Mixed messages you can’t explain
You’re trapped!
You are simply a construct of your combined life experiences
How can you hope to to attain a higher state of consciousness
You’re trapped!
In flesh and in emotion
All logical reasoning is simply impossible
Is this by design?
All this stimuli shot into directly your eyes
Flashes of images
Chaotic brainwashing
And the neurons scream
Get up!
Get down!
Shut up!
Accept defeat!

Is there a knife that could cut away,
Trim these layers of comfortable fat
From around your mind
Is there a monkey wrench
That you can throw into the gears
Spinning in your head
Something to stop you from repeating
The same choices (same lies)
Shut out the cry of distant voices (mistakes and regrets)
Screaming in unison
You’re trapped!
Is any decision you make really your own
Or is every choice made by weighing every possible outcome
Utilizing every memorable event from the past
Constricted by fear!
Constructed by opinion!
Construed to be relevant,
You’re trapped!
Every event eventually envelopes you
So you go with the flow…
Follow the path
Traveled by the masses
(Did you really think you had a choice)
Daring only to to deviate when
Given permission
Ask yourself
Is any decision
You make truly your own
Say it with me
You’re trapped!


“Self Portrait During Cluster Headache” – Tyler D Graffam


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