Drifting Through Your Forest

My best adventures are not behind me
I won’t be haunted by yesterday’s ghosts
A golden future lays shining in the distance

Trips to foreign places
Philosophy with ancient
Kissing pretty girls on endless nights
Kissing you
Lost underneath the stars
Dissolving into nothingness
Lost in dreams of you
Drifting through your forest

My best memories don’t live in the past
I close my eyes and see
Explorations of suns, moons, stars
Of old emotions and new scars

And death might be the greatest adventure of them all
I tell you
I have no time for death
I drift lonely through your forest
Drift lonely through your mystery

So many new worlds to explore
Eyes to travel through
Lips to feel upon my flesh
Forgotten books to reads
Pages dissolving into ash

My best adventures lie ahead
On stormy oceans
Lulled to sleep by crashing waves
In haunted fields
Surrounded by the dead
Or with you in bed

On lonely nights in my head
I drift into the forest
Of your mind
Drift on lonely oceans

Lie gently to my soul
I have nowhere else to go
So much more life to live
Lie gently on my soul
Let my ashes fly
On winds of second chances
Drifting into trees
Lost in the forests
Drifting forever on the oceans
Of your mind

Help me to live again
Help me live forever
In the haunted forests of your mind




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