The Sadness of Circles

Life is full of circles
I keep rolling backwards
The sun just making spirals
Through the sky
I close my eyes
Just in time
To see you coming back around again

You keep speaking in circles
I try to break the loop
My misery is on repeat
I’m just getting dizzy here
Everything just keeps spinning
You’re just standing over there
Everything revolving around you
Planets dissolving around you

These circles got me spun
I keep finding myself
Right back where it begun
Nature is repeating cycles
And there’s nowhere that I can run
Nowhere to run

Everyday is just the same
These circles in my skin
Keep me asking why I’m back again
Feel the turning of the sky
It’s slowly spinning but I can see it
From the corner of my eye

I almost fell out of bed this morning
The axis just felt off today
World was circling in the wrong direction
Knew I’d end up here today
With you casting your shadow on me
I try to stand up
I’m just to dizzy
I feel all muddy

I chose today
To let circles enclose me
I feel muffled in the bubble
The spheres in your eyes
Disapproving of me
I think I’m too much trouble
I follow your iris to the moon
Before too long I know
I’ll be right back here again
Too soon




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