End Title

Time is slipping
It means nothing
To me
I crash on the freeway
Crawl on the roadway
On my way
To you

Dawn greets me with teeth
The sun has a pulse
It’s weakening
I shield my eyes
The wind has edges
I’m breathing in the waves

Clouds seem to surround me
The monsters have found me
I’m jumping on the cracks
Of a world that is breaking

And I’m asking myself
What was it for

The blood on my hands
Getting hard to ignore
I keep asking myself
What was it for

How long have I been here
Waiting in the dark
Stuck here in limbo
Waiting for my next adventure

The theater gets darker
I hear the spinning of the projector
The images fly before me
Dancing on the screen

I climbed so many many trees
My face against the breeze
You were the only thing
That meant anything to me

Now I’m lost in darkness
Asking myself
What was it for

Time is slipping
It keeps creeping up
On me
I’m laughing in the wings
Of your picture show
Just waiting here
For you
To join me

Asking myself
How long will I be waiting for



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