We Should Build a Bomb

If I thought that we could rectify
Brilliant minds laying waste
Perhaps now we will vilify you
Put you in charge so we can cast our stones
Broken people with token hearts
To have the end we needed just to start

We should build a bomb
Put it in our home
Light the fuse
Run for cover
It’ll soon be over

Shine a light into your eyes
And curse you for your blindness
Take everything you give
Curse you for your kindness
We gave you the crown
We can take your head

Welfare and warfare
Better hold your tongue
Satellites wish us good night
Waving from your throne
We gave you the crown

We are all out here
We are all alone

The TV is a phantom
Haunting our every waking thought
It’s like a nightmarish dream
In which we’re forever caught
The TV is our mother
Never need another
Staring from the wall
With it’s bloodshot shot eye
If only it could feed and hold us
Instead of only pacify

If they thought they could vilify
Every humble heart
Put a knife in the hands of society
Blood dripping from their fingertips
An image stays much longer
Your name forever on their lips
A hatred lasts much longer
When born from a lie
It won’t take much to demonize you
We hardly even have to try

You know this work is easy
Barely lift a finger
That momentary feeling so uneasy
Don’t worry it won’t linger
We might love you today
Now watch as we start to sway
We grave you the crown
Heavy like gilded lead
We will bring you down
Off with your head



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