The Endless Twist

i could watch the endless twist
of spiraling stars as they surround
the lonely space around your wrist
your pulsing veins rhythmically rebound
as you pull your fingers into fists
grinding rocks into the ground
your breath creates a mourning mist
that stirs the spirits earthly bound
your tired eyes like moon-quake rifts
search the universe for worlds unfound
beyond a reality that still persists
until its frayed ends come unwound
and even though it might resist
a brilliant spectacle will astound
then everything cease to exist
and fade away without a sound
a last glance at your desolate wrist
abandoned by stars that once were wound
lost like lips for centuries unkissed
the sadness of a queen uncrowned
this feeling to last forever wished
we are empty
into space and loneliness
until it all comes back around


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