About SEAN Aka: Death By Cartoon

When it comes down to it, who I am is not important. Who I am is merely a production of influences and experiences from birth to my right now. Who I am now is not who I will be tomorrow or in a month or a year. 

It’s who I want to be that holds the most importance to me. The person I will continue to transform into. What choices will I make and what consequences or blessing will those choices bring to me? Every decision has ripples. Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. What will the universe create to balance the life I lead?

So it with this in mind that when I move my life in any certain direction I remain thoughtful of the short and long term effects.

The person I want to be is someone who has given more love than pain, influenced greatness in others and achieved greatness in myself. Learned a knowledge of love and words and love of words and words of love.

When I die, I hope I have left a legacy of beauty. And I hope that is not for a very long time because I have a lot to do.

I am not who I am, but whom you perceive me to be.

I am not who I am, but whom you perceive me to be.

7 thoughts on “About SEAN Aka: Death By Cartoon

  1. I’ll be honest, I’ve tried a lot of blogs and other social media to find out what suits me best. So far I am more than impressed with the wonderful people I have found on WordPress. I am looking forward to seeing your posts too!


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