Vinnie & The Plant WIP (And Why I Like To Rework Old Art…)

Here is a preview of my current project, some of you may recognize it as I have posted the original recently, which made me think, why do I like to remake my old art? Well, I have spent time learning how to use some great programs (Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop) and have found that I really enjoy creating a better representation of my art, lack of actual drawing ability is no longer a handicap!

Sometimes I also find that sometimes my tools are inhibiting my vision, a pen that starts to run out ink or not having the right color marker or the right kind of paper. If I was a better artist these things probably wouldn’t be an issue, but what I found with making vector art is that I don’t have these drawbacks and I can see a clearer vision of what I am looking for.

Sometimes I’m still not happy with what I made on the computer, but another thing I love about making vector art is that I can go back later and make minor changes without having to redraw the entire piece.

There is also the ability to animate my art better in vector format.
It is a little like cheating if you ask me, but in the end it gives me better satisfaction and I feel like it actually helps me draw better as well (I’ll get into that at another time).



On these 3 posts we are going to look at my process for creating my piece “My Favorite Martians”.
Click Here to see the finished image.

Now I start adding shading and details. The background is actually is a picture of space.





And the final image!


Did you miss the first or second parts? Part 1/ Part 2


On these 3 posts we are going to look at my process for creating my piece “My Favorite Martians”.
Click Here to see the finished image.

Now the files are imported into Photoshop. I create layers underneath the line art and begin the painting process.

Using a Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen and Touch Tablet (CTH470) I use a solid brush to basically color inside the lines. 🙂




Here is the whole scene at this point.

Did you see Part 1 yet? Part 1

My Favorite Martians (FROM SKETCH TO ART) Part 1 of 3

On these 3 posts we are going to look at my process for creating my piece “My Favorite Martians”.
Click Here to see the finished image.

Here are the beginning Illustrator files that I imported into Photoshop for painting.




Here is a video from YouTube that shows my basic process using the pen tool. On this piece I didn’t trace my own work, I found reference characters and tried to create mine loosely based on the characters but with my own flair.

Haunted Harry (From Sketch To Art)

You may have seen my most recent post (Haunted Harry Animation) but I though I’d give a little insight into my process.

First you have my original (rudimentary) sketch:

Now I trace it using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator:

Then I paint using a Bamboo Tablet in Photoshop:

Then I create different scenes by hiding layers in Photoshop:

Lastly I import it into a GIF Animation program, for this I used Easy GIF Animator:

Unfortunately, you lose some image quality in a Animated GIF if you have too many colors and a large image…unless any of you have any suggestions.

Thanks for checking out this post!!!

Naes & Robot Mind Meld (From Sketch to Art)

I’ve posted the final animated GIF on my blog already, but I thought I would give you a window into my creative process.
These four pictures will show how I take a sketch and turn it into a final product to be devoured by the masses 😉


So now I have the drawing, but I want to give it more life…maybe a little more sparkle and polish until it looks to the viewer as I initially pictured it in my mind. So I will trace it in Adobe Illustrator…also making some minor improvements.

When I am done with that, I drive it over to my Photoshop studio (no actual driving involved), and start painting.

Now it looks good, but it still needs some depth…

Shadows and highlights really pull the piece together, but they are the hardest part and take a consideral amount of time to do right (which I rarely do).

But it still needs on more thing…

It’s simple animation, but it makes the art unique and fun.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Let me know if you want to see more like this. 🙂