Words From The Source: “Using Space as Universal Symbolism” and “I’m Not a Poet”

First off I’m not a poet.
I never have been.
I write lyrics to songs that I will never sing.
The majority of anything I have ever written has been penned while listening to music.
That might be a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing.
Some poems don’t always flow right without music.
Funny thing is for a long time I wouldn’t share my “poetry”.
If I did it would be after much rewriting and careful inspection.
Now I write, I spell check, I post.
I love each one of the people who like my work. It inspires me to create more.
It makes me want to write better.
It’s true, I’m not a poet, but I do try to live a poetic life.
I try to see the poetry in ever aspect of my life.
Thanks for letting me share it.
I am always open to your thoughts and critiques.
Thanks also for what you share.

If you have read my works, you may have noticed my liberal use of outer-space elements.
Stars and planets, galaxies and quasars.
I thought of this recently and I realized why they are so prevalent in my poetry.
Also why they may be so prevalent in ALL poetry.
Things universal seems to represent both the outward and the encompassing.
The mystery and the haunting similarity.
Things in space seem to be replicated in our own world.
From the external to the internal.
Galaxies alive inside our own body.
The mystery of what exists outside of our own world.
The endless possibilities.
In many ways the universe is so much more damn interesting than what goes on our own planet.
The romance of exploring uncharted worlds.
Exploring those uncharted possibilities.
Scary and also very comforting.

Thanks for letting me share.

Sean Smith “Death by Cartoon”

I am not who I am, but whom you perceive me to be.
I am not who I am, but whom you perceive me to be.