My wife and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary today! 🙂
This is a poem I wrote for her before we were married…

her sweet touch
her butterfly fingers
over my face
I close my eyes and drift away,

I feel her close
then closer
my heart beats strong
my heart will beat for her forever,

she has set my mind adrift
left her halo on my pillow
I no longer will know sorrow
and I can’t wait
to see her face
when I wake up tomorrow,

and every night
for all of time
I know inside my soul
she will always be mine,

my breath
my sight
my life
for as long as we both shall live



I still remember
Our first twenty-four hours
Endless conversations
The best use of time I’d ever spent
And our first kiss
A sleepy accident

You lifted me from my smoky haze
Showed me how bright the sun could shine
My eyes still had to adjust to the light
It only took a little time

It’s that cosmic thing
When you’ve known somebody
For lifetimes
I know the first time we locked eyes
I must have heard some chimes

Now here we are
How can thirteen years
Feel like a week
Though look at how much we have grown
I know the next thirteen may go
Like a flash
Though our future is still unknown

What adventures will we have
Where will we spend our final days
Will I just go bald
Or will I go a sexy grey
All I really know is
I’m just glad I will have you
Forever in my life
Well, that’s all I wanted to say to you
My beautiful wife




As a special treat today, I am going to share some pages from a notebook I used in 1994-95 for poetry and art.
Kind of embarrassing, kind of funny but definitely insightful to the me that existed 20 years ago.


These poems are actually some of my better ones at the time, still a bit hard for me to read though.

The poems are titled “Elver, Lonely Planet, and Steel Blue Eyes.”