Half-Drawn Comics 3/1/15


I have nothing left
Bled bone dry in the exploration of a lie
How long did we spend
Caught listening to the transmission

I don’t mean to imply
That my smile was all teeth and no soul
It really wasn’t real but I truly wanted more

I felt the pain
The drift of a whisper that bounced
Soundlessly in my empty skull

Your mystery filled me endlessly
But the song you played meant nothing

The fans turned and the lights flickered off and on
I felt your stare
It burned like an X-Ray

It was there
The sensation of the void that threatened
To enter me and leave me empty

And about the way you left
All spirit and no flesh

It left me tired
I felt it in my bones
It left me butchered
I might have tried to feel alive again

But truthfully there was nothing left
o n m y s k e l e t o n

Art and Poem Death By Cartoon