A foggy feeling
Settles in
The ties that bind
Start to unwind
Now I’m alone again

The sky on acid
Starts to clear
I think mankind
Left me behind
But I can feel you near

It’s a strange night
The cool crisp air
The sky
The energy is swirling me
I feel like it’s pulling me
It’s pulling me to you

The circle closes
The cycles repeat
A lucky find
Because in my mind
I can hear the beat

Of universes born
As stars collide
New worlds designed
As we’re entwined
I feel right inside

Poem is mine. Image is not.

Beautiful Parasites

How can anyone disagree
We are beautiful parasites
We smile bright
As we infect the land with blight

How can anyone argue
We are beautiful parasites
Our skin shines from within
While slaughtering the mammals in the ocean

How can anyone not see
We are beautiful parasites
Our muscles taught and brawny
As we procreate like bunnies

We’ll fuck and destroy
Make it and throw it to waste
If we can no longer live here
We always have space

Cause we are the most beautiful parasites in this whole damn place…

Poem is mine. Image is not.