Never can tell what is beautiful anymore
It changes everyday in view and scent
Comes in blurry waves of anticipation
And in darkness it’s transparent

Keep wishing to be blind
Mixed messages in mixed media
Even the sounds that used to elevate
Are muffled inside your encyclopedia

The kaleidoscope of lies you’re telling
They still keep me warm
Even the gun you hid in the vase
Helps me find beauty in the storm

Though to never hear your voice again
Sends chills right to my bones
Noticed the cracks in the horizon
It was just the broken screen on my phone

She stood like petrified wood
Maybe the clouds won’t rain on you then
The hills roll like a tractor on my soul
Just when I think I’m broken she’ll fix me again

The library books on the table overdue
My eyes closed for the waves of pain make me dizzy
Bottles are stacked in the windows
You’re still in a towel but I know that you’ve been busy

The painting you’ve been working on
Is still covered with a cloth
It might be beautiful I wouldn’t know anymore
My eyes can only see the flaws