twenty-second floor

tall buildings
silhouettes in windows
twenty-two floors up
your face against the glass

angles of the street
where we used to meet
feel sharp and obtuse
can you feel my eyes on you

smell of the city
dangerous as love
mostly it’s the memories
that have brought me back

staring at
the twenty-second floor

i think i see you wave
it’s been a beautiful day
exploring the city with you
like a shadow in your daydream

pictures of you on my camera
and this new memory
i carve your initials
in a lamppost

a light drizzle
maybe i should go home
i love being a voyeuristic
on your adventures



Zoltar (The Clown From Outerspace) 1994-95 Notebook (Part 2)

As a special treat today, I am going to share some pages from a notebook I used in 1994-95 for poetry and art.
Kind of embarrassing, kind of funny but definitely insightful to the me that existed 20 years ago.


These characters are some very scary clowns from outer-space that visited me in my day-mares growing up.
For some reason I decided to burn the pages (for artistic reasons presumably) luckily I didn’t destroy them completely.

The pages are titled “Unaturally Born Killers.”