The Shadows/Dance With Us

The shadows creeping through the night
Dancing to beats underneath the moonlight
It’s crazy
And it happens every time
You drag me from the sea
You think I’m seeing things
I see
Dead things coming back to life
I’m falling
In love with dancing phantoms
It has nothing to do with my state of mind
I’ve been so deep in darkness
It might have made me blind
But I see you
Like I’ve always seen you

When the stars twinkle
I feel like they’re laughing at us
We get eaten up by space
Swallowed by its vastness
And it leaves me feeling restless
I see it in your eyes
If this is hitting bottom
I can’t wait to feel the bounce
I hear your body talking
I’m drowning in the sounds
We’re out here spinning with the spirits
Floating in the air
You think I might be crazy
It’s just that I don’t care

It might have something to do with my state of mind
I see where this might be going
I know what I will find
And I know that if I am drowning
You’ll swim out to get me
I know you won’t forget me

Dance with me
On the graves of our passion
So aimless

Kick mud in the face
Of our greatness
Fall with me

Like a meteor
Crashing into fire
Eaten by the universe
Swallowed by desire
Dance with the ghosts
The destitute spirits of our destruction
The phantoms of our innocence
The faded reminders of our happiness
Dance with us 



Turn off the lights
Put your headphones on
Melt into the blackness
Listen to this song

And listen until
You’re all filled up again
Reach out and I will
Hold your hand

In the dark
With only music between us
This might be perfect
I never could have dreamed this

I never could have dreamed this

It’s better this way
Let the music consume us
Cause it seems that
Possibly words might doom us

And with the lights out
Were less dangerous
And once again
We might be strangers

With my eyes closed
Your hand in mine
You heart pours endless
Lyrics in my mind

Maybe it just might be
Better this way
This night just might just be

It’s never too late to be
Exactly who we want


Photo by HiddenMoves (Link)

Big Rip

Encompassing me
Ripping through
What I thought was real
A halo around me
Can’t brighten
The darkness within me
And I feel it

Not far away
Without a shudder or a quake
Or a kiss
In silence
The thunderous rip

I’ve been sleeping too long
A slumbering universe
Take your knife
Carve constellations into me

I’ve been sleeping so long
I almost missed your face
As it floated before me
In the void
And I see it

So close
And so far
As the universe expands
In darkness
A thunderous rip

Caught in amber
A teardrop from a tree
A sound vibrating
In a single atom
Of phantom energy
Ripping apart
Tearing you from me

Encompassing me
Ripping through
What I thought was real
A halo around me
Can’t brighten
The darkness within me
And it was all

Born with a scream
Gone in a whisper
The Big Rip

“The Big Rip is a cosmological hypothesis first published in 2003, about the ultimate fate of the universe, in which the matter of the universe, from stars and galaxies to atoms and subatomic particles, is progressively torn apart by the expansion of the universe at a certain time in the future. According to the hypothesis, the scale factor of the universe and with it all distances in the universe will become infinite at a finite time in the future.”