Blood on my sneakers
The blood of millions of kisses lost
And a million stars twinkling in the darkness
Walking the blue desert after midnight
My mouth is dry
My teeth are having conversations
About when life was kind and my tongue was blind
The stars are laughing at me
As I suffocate here in clouds of stolen breath
The sky is a mirror to my own cruelty
A reflection of the beast within
Dirt on my sneakers
The dirt of a million stars that exploded
Over a billion years
And I ask my self
Do stars have souls
Because I feel like
The desert is full of ghosts
Staring at me
Saying things they couldn’t say when they were alive
They want me to stay
They want to know what I’m doing out here
And why do I have blood on my sneakers
I feel like a rock
Crawling motionless through the dirt
My entire being full of blood and crushed bone and regret
And in the crisp clean air of the desert
The smell of burning tar carried by a breeze 
My feet touch asphalt
And suddenly
Blinded by headlights as they come over the hill
Illuminating the blood on my sneakers
And the ghosts in my mind

Poem is mine. Image is not.