Veiled Matter

The constant dissolution
Of our unholy bodies
Sweet division
Of our material selves
The violence of our desires
Leave our empty shells
Breathless and cold

On the table with scalpel
Watching in slow motion
Just a peek
At the freak show
Of our unwieldy memories
As they fade just like us
Silently behind the veil

Enclosed after we’ve been cut
Quiet and consoled by their misery
We try to escape, unwind, untie
From this place
Tears can no longer drop from our face

We wave our arms
In desperation for this final moment

Smothered in the earth
What secrets will we learn
On this side
What magic is left in this world
We’ll drain it and use it for ourselves
If we stay, just a little longer
There might be a place for us
Still in their hearts

We are just veiled matter
Did we ever really matter
Is there still a place for us
In their hearts
We are just veiled matter
Did we ever really matter
Is there still a place for us
In their hearts
We are just veiled matter
Did we ever really matter
Is there still a place for us
In their hearts


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She Is

She is unreal…

Every atom in her make up
Makes every brain cell wake up
She is what you feel
She is the cosmic netting
That covers you at night
What else am I forgetting

Oh yes….

She plays the planets
Like drums
The sound is in your mind
And it numbs

Every brain cell with her beauty
She tosses suns
Like throwing stars

She is dichotomy
Gave the devil a lobotomy
She’ll bury all her fear
Smile without a care
And though she might might be breaking
She’ll transfix you upon waking

She is real
Every emotion that you feel
Keep it in your memory
Even if it keeps you up at night
Though dual parts of you may fight
Accept the darkness in the light

She is unreal
She is what you feel
She is the cosmic netting
That covers you at night
She is the letters that you write
Shadows that hold you down
Sunlight that brings you up

You keep trying to get into her brain
I can tell you that it’s insane
To try to understand the stars
Comprehend the universe
You try to fix her
And it only makes it worse

She is the flow

Under no control
You might as well try to catch a soul




Ghost In the Daylight

For some reason, I thought about you a lot today.
Saw your ghost everywhere I looked.
I read all the words you underlined with ink,
In your worn book.

I no longer have a window into your mind.
At least not one I can see through clearly.
Just jumbled thoughts and pictures,
That constantly remind me.

Maybe next time I see your ghost,
Floating transparent inside my head.
We’ll sit and talk about all the things,
We sadly never said.

I was haunted by your ghost today.
Strangely it made me smile.
Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen your face,
Not in quite awhile.

Poem is mine. Image is not.


you crept into my waking dreams again
then spent the whole day as a ghost
all i could do is wonder then
is if it was i that haunted you the most
and i kept to myself today
but i let you walk around inside my brain
a few times i thought you were with me
as i reached out for you again
only when my hand floated through your phantom
did it all come back to me
the vision of all your spectral atoms
was sadly one of fantasy
i closed my eyes as bright light shadowed
the illusion of your silhouette
like haunting notes on an old piano
your wanting voice i won’t forget

 Poem is mine. Image is not.


I don’t know what’s in your mind
But cigarettes and death
And you might kick the habit
When you can’t catch your next breath
And pick it up again when you catch the train
On your way to meet me because
You don’t want to see me again
After the fallout

Now whenever I call out
I find only your ghost in my memory
And I’d be lying to say I wasn’t happy
To see what you’ve done with your eyebrows
And how the look on your face does arouse
In me the sense that things aren’t finished between us

I can’t wait to smell you
And the magic potions they put in your lotions
So you might as well smoke
I’ll be here when you choke
To smile and say that I told you so

But I want you to know
I’d crack a bloody hammer on your head
To see the words you’ve never said
So don’t hide them to yourself
In a colored glass jar up on your shelf
Just take a puff because enough is enough
Loving you was always rough

Let’s just get back to where
You don’t mind me when I’m near
I feel like a creeper when I just sit and stare
But sightings of you have become quite rare
I don’t know what’s in your mind
But cigarettes and death
And hopefully me
Maybe I’ll find out in your next breath

Poem is mine. Image is not.


like a ghost
lost in limbo
face of smoke
dressed in glow
shadow of sorrow
empty hallways
won’t see you
like a ghost
sense of loss
my empty soul
like a marble
in an empty
feel your pain
by the window
where you sat
like a ghost
before you
even passed
long before
you died
reminding me
not to be like you
not to live my life
like a ghost

Poem is mine. Image source Here.

Psycho Elvis

Waiting for the dreams
But the nightmares came instead
A beautiful body and a broken head
A hallucination filled me with grief
Wrapped him up inside a sea
Moonglow breached inside my skull
And bleached the hell inside this soul
How long do I beg to breed
And swallow the blood that is your seed

You can’t come to the land of the dead
All brains and a broken head
He was supposed to grieve forever
Take pills to satisfy this urge
But instead he bore outside his jail
And killed his only means of survival

He won’t reach inside his ghost
And host a show for you, but I
A cloud of anger overhang
To relieve the burden of teenage angst

Poem is mine. Image is not.