Disaster #23

Picking up the pieces of this disaster
Keep chasing it around
It runs faster and faster
And faster and faster
Keep sucking the wind
From the stormy seas
I exhale new worlds but they mean nothing to me
Nothing to me n
o nothing to me

Stay awhile
       You say like a child
All the while I’m victim
        Of an ever fading smile

Stare at you with the lights in your face
It’s brilliant yet it seems like a waste
Never trust your perfect white teeth
They bite and they bite, bite and they bite
Rough me up
It’s how we get rich
All this happiness expunged
Time for a new stitch
It’s time for a new stitch

I keep running, I ran right passed her
I keep chasing a smile but it’s fading
faster and faster
             and faster and
                     faster and faster
                                 and faster and
                                         faster and faster and faster…

Lose yourself in this distraction
Watch it tumble from a minor infraction
It’s covered in blood and crawling toward you
Crawling and crawling and crawling to you
All this mystery lost in the patterns
The curtains close, you act like nothing matters
Get in your car and you drive away
Drive away you keep driving and driving
You can never get away never get away



Just Exploring the Empty Void

The remains of the day
Never quite dissipate
And as my mind starts to sway
I don’t feel so great
I close my eyes
And think about the void
I’m frozen
In the endless expanse
I’m just out there/in here
Exploring nothingness

And all that exists in creation
Is you
You are outer-space/inner-space
And I’m frozen
In here/out there
There are no words
There is only you

And within the wave of your hand
All things come into being
And within the vapor of your breath
Life begins
And the moisture on your lips is now my water
The dust upon your skin is now my earth
Reflection of your soul is now my sun

And within the ripple of a wave
I am crushed
And I am nothing

The remains of the day
Leaves me in pieces
And I’m just laying here 
With ripples of you cascading over me/into me
I’m outside/inside
I’m just here
Exploring the empty void

My Date With Destiny

Its not how I imagined
This night would go
I even considered
You might not show
There you were
With intense eyes
You were expecting
A great surprise

I felt the waves
They carried us
When no one was looking
Couldn’t give two fucks
Your skin on mine
Emotion sings
Allergic to your
Metal rings

Maybe the sky would crash
Leave us dazed
No time for breath
Still unfazed
You left the pills
For a tip
You had something else
In mind for our trip

The more I dream
The more it seems
It’s meant to be

Death came through
The cracks in the daylight
You stood bye me waving
Still bloody from the fight
They caught us on camera
Recordings on VHS
I tried on your lipstick
I must confess

We walked back home
With swords on our backs
My shoes had holes
Your knuckles cracks
Jump at the sound
Of our hearts beating
In perfect rhythm
Of the city screaming

Even a butterfly

Landed on your open wound
Leaned in for a kiss
It was too soon
Last steps in silence
Savoring this memory
Who knows how long
It will have to last me

The more I dream
The more it seems
It’s meant to be


She sits waiting anxious by the door

The ocean waves leaving salt on the floor

Gentle silence before the storm

Feel the old demons take new form

The cool blades of grass at her feet

Books on her lap for her to read

The cuts on her legs keep trying to bleed

She knows in her heart he is all that she needs

Sun keeps shining in but she shuts the shades

She’ll be waiting by the door until she fades away

Poem is mine. Image is not.


It takes a while to find a girl with a razor blade smile that cuts you deep and makes you bleed
When you find her you will be blind to her every misdeed as she fulfills your every need

If you watch those eyes she will magnetize and before long you may realize that this path has led too deep
You’ll know too well that you have to keep cutting off your own skin just to keep her love within

She’ll say it’s just her darkness that makes her act that way but you can see the light in her when you play
Her favorite songs and how she gets excited when you sing along but the laughter doesn’t last too long

You might think that you have glimpsed a pathway and a better way through but you’re just lost in her labyrinth
She will keep you confused calling herself a muse and saying things in the night that don’t make sense

The way her body shakes you makes you give into every foolish impulse until you find you can’t feel your own pulse
The moon might shine its rays into the wounds that haven’t healed and ruined every shirt you own with blood congealed

But you are going to love her anyway trade the day for night and have a knife fight that she will win every time
Cause she knows that if there is no body they might not even be able to prove that there was a crime

Poem is mine. Image is not.

She’s Inferno

She is living
Stomach in knots
Wrist with scars
Pocket full of drugs
Keeps an eye out for the sun
She’s living
But her life has not begun

She is smiling
Eyes are lying
Plush lips are moving
Trivial words keep spilling
Dips her hand in the wormhole
She’s smiling
But deep down she’s inferno

She’s living but her life has not begun
She loves me but she won’t know I’m the one

Poem is mine. Image is not.

Lost the Girl

Someone told me that you were around
The girl was lost
The pain was found
She left me brokenhearted 
A taste of what it felt like to be alive
The intensity burned too bright
Couldn’t see the  stars at night
Made some tea
Went  to  sleep
She was the  girl I couldn’t keep
Tried to keep the memory alive
But the images burned to bright
Couldn’t see the stars at night

Poem is mine. Image is not.