Nail Polish On The Sheets

She sits quiet on the bed
And watches him string his guitar
Shirt off and his muscles straining
As he turns the pins
Her hand slips
And she realizes she has spilled
A little bit of her nail polish on the sheets
She puts the cap on and sets the bottle to the side
Her toes half done
And watches him pull the guitar up to his chest
And play a few notes
She instantly realizes it as a Leonard Cohen song
But can’t remember which one until he starts to sing
His voice is cracking
And she gets up to get him some water
But he senses what she is doing
And waves her off
His playing and his singing smooth and she sits back down
And at this moment more than any other moment
She knows that this is what he is meant to do
And she wishes
Really wishes that she had one thing
In her life that she could be so sure of
Until then
She might just float through this life
And that might be okay
At least for today

Poem by Death by Cartoon
Photo by Marco Soellner


Strumming of the Strings (Just White Noise)

Chords and notes
The strumming of the strings
These sounds follow me
Into my dreams

The words I tried to write
Ended up just white noise

The song I played on my guitar
Ended up just white noise

I can’t give you what I am
For is man not what he destroys?

I grab my guitar
Seeping deeper into my dream
The strings they multiply
My fingers worn to bone
But what does this imply?
I am all alone
I am only white noise

I tried to give you words of solace
But they ended up just white noise

I should try to give you up soon
For it’s true, man love what he destroys.

Working on new music…


My workload loosens up a tiny bit at the beginning of the year even though my customer load increases, go figure…

…so I started to work on some new tunes for a possible 2015 record release.

So at this point I am spending as much time as possible filling my head with musical influences.

I am shooting for a clean punk/rock/indie sound which is harder to pull off using Ableton Live than you would imagine.

Some of my influences for this record are:

Systems Officer – Pacer

Three Mile Pilot – Year of No Light

Screaming Females – Ripe

OFF! – “Over Our Heads”

I even all ready have an album title!

Check out my updated bandcamp page here: