Rocko Zombie

Rocko Zombie

Rocko is a zombie
Who really loves brains,
He uses them to make things
Like mini brain-trains,
And Brain-doh
Which is like Play-doh with veins,
He uses them to remove stubborn stains
And relieve aches and pains,
Uses them to impress zombie dames
And for bowling ball at the lanes,
Well you get the point…

Stoned Clowns (A True Story)

Stoned clowns
On my porch
Setting my hair on fire
A trifle bit
Like drinking alcohol
In my underwear
Into the spa I drown

Flypaper my consciousness
An ambulance ride
They stand upon me
and stomp my disease away
I read a book of recipes
And cook up insanity
I lie I told a thousand times
Slapped me in the face
And try as I may
My sanity, my hope
Won’t last

I pick up my spit
And drop it on my guilt
Wash away

The cheering stopped
And I adjusted my brain
My loves and hates
Stepped of the train
Nerve endings
Turned my hair black
My father turned
Into a human
So I killed him
With a platinum record

I awoke to the heartburn
Of my headache

Victorious I return
Goofy but otherwise okay
And I meet the wizard
We chat
And the dream comes back
So weird it was

So I kill myself again


Happy Halloween!