Veiled Matter

The constant dissolution
Of our unholy bodies
Sweet division
Of our material selves
The violence of our desires
Leave our empty shells
Breathless and cold

On the table with scalpel
Watching in slow motion
Just a peek
At the freak show
Of our unwieldy memories
As they fade just like us
Silently behind the veil

Enclosed after we’ve been cut
Quiet and consoled by their misery
We try to escape, unwind, untie
From this place
Tears can no longer drop from our face

We wave our arms
In desperation for this final moment

Smothered in the earth
What secrets will we learn
On this side
What magic is left in this world
We’ll drain it and use it for ourselves
If we stay, just a little longer
There might be a place for us
Still in their hearts

We are just veiled matter
Did we ever really matter
Is there still a place for us
In their hearts
We are just veiled matter
Did we ever really matter
Is there still a place for us
In their hearts
We are just veiled matter
Did we ever really matter
Is there still a place for us
In their hearts


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Drifting Through Your Forest

My best adventures are not behind me
I won’t be haunted by yesterday’s ghosts
A golden future lays shining in the distance

Trips to foreign places
Philosophy with ancient
Kissing pretty girls on endless nights
Kissing you
Lost underneath the stars
Dissolving into nothingness
Lost in dreams of you
Drifting through your forest

My best memories don’t live in the past
I close my eyes and see
Explorations of suns, moons, stars
Of old emotions and new scars

And death might be the greatest adventure of them all
I tell you
I have no time for death
I drift lonely through your forest
Drift lonely through your mystery

So many new worlds to explore
Eyes to travel through
Lips to feel upon my flesh
Forgotten books to reads
Pages dissolving into ash

My best adventures lie ahead
On stormy oceans
Lulled to sleep by crashing waves
In haunted fields
Surrounded by the dead
Or with you in bed

On lonely nights in my head
I drift into the forest
Of your mind
Drift on lonely oceans

Lie gently to my soul
I have nowhere else to go
So much more life to live
Lie gently on my soul
Let my ashes fly
On winds of second chances
Drifting into trees
Lost in the forests
Drifting forever on the oceans
Of your mind

Help me to live again
Help me live forever
In the haunted forests of your mind




It never leaves
This feeling
Has me by the balls
It’s such a gas
Answer the call
It’s always on the phone
I keep saying
That this feeling
Never leaves me alone

Find the flowers
In the garden
I’ll never send you another poem
Why can’t this feeling
Just leave me alone

If there was such a thing
As a soul
I’d beg it
Just to let it go
Let it go

In the afternoon
And in the evening too
It just floats there
Start to think I might be screwed
Hear the ring
I start to sing
Look underneath a stone
There it is
Won’t leave me alone

A dull ache inside my head
Flip the pillow on my bed
As the storm outside
Makes the house start to groan
There it is again
Rattling the window again
Maybe I should just let it in
With a deep sigh
I start to moan
Why won’t this feeling
Just leave me alone



Stay very quiet
The wolves are
Sniffing at your door

Dim the lights
And close your eyes
And you can pray
That they
Won’t come around anymore

What are they after?
Will they be in your dreams tonight?
Is it your scent they breathe?
Or the blood that you spilled,
Running away in the moonlight?

The view
From the trees
At the scrapes on your knees
The taste of the crisp air you breathe
I’ll bet you still have a few tricks up your sleeve
Though it won’t be long till they leave
The wolves are at your feet
When awake or
In a dream

Dim the lights
And close your eyes
They’ll get you with their teeth
Or with their lies
When awake or in a dream
Whether calm as death 
Or with a scream
In a disguise
Not what they seem
They have you down
End scene

Dead To The Day

Is it raining again?

Interrupted thoughts caught in drips as my mind tends to flow toward her hips
Tobacco smoke swirls round my head, and the clouds in my brain starts to clear
Is it her voice I hear?
Or a ghost of her memory reflected in the mirror?

The world has lost it’s vibrant blue, even the sky seems to suffer without you
The way that the grey seems to seep into the moments I keep
The way that your hair laid on me while we’d sleep
I can still smell the soap on your skin
I breathe deep to take it all in
And then it all evaporates again

Am I bleeding again?
For it seems to take every effort I make
To hold it all in for fucks sake

I light another cigarette just to feel the burn in my lungs
It reminds me of our first wrestling with tongues
Funny how taste
And smell
Can recreate
Your own private hell

Is it still raining?

Feel like it’s lasted for 10,000 days since I felt the suns rays
or your soft gaze or your fingers light graze

If these memories don’t kill me, then maybe they’ll fill me
Is there living after love has been taunted?
Or shall I be forever haunted?

Poem by DBC. Art by Omri Koresh

Sometimes Haunted

All those places
That we used to haunt
Endless minutes
Spent in boredom and sometimes

Those halcyon days
Mostly forgotten

Though I still lay awake nights
Visited by ghosts
Of conversations
And your lips
Haunted by those almost kisses
And sometimes
Your laugh

The crescent of the moon
And how it tricked my eyes
When dusk turned to dawn
And we said our goodbyes

I am haunted by all the words
We never said and sometimes
I can even

Feel your ghost beside me
And I can’t say it surprises me
How you’ve stayed
Right here
Inside me

I look for answers in dreams
On the oceans floor
And at your grave
How do I get back

To those halcyon days


you crept into my waking dreams again
then spent the whole day as a ghost
all i could do is wonder then
is if it was i that haunted you the most
and i kept to myself today
but i let you walk around inside my brain
a few times i thought you were with me
as i reached out for you again
only when my hand floated through your phantom
did it all come back to me
the vision of all your spectral atoms
was sadly one of fantasy
i closed my eyes as bright light shadowed
the illusion of your silhouette
like haunting notes on an old piano
your wanting voice i won’t forget

 Poem is mine. Image is not.