Disaster #23

Picking up the pieces of this disaster
Keep chasing it around
It runs faster and faster
And faster and faster
Keep sucking the wind
From the stormy seas
I exhale new worlds but they mean nothing to me
Nothing to me n
o nothing to me

Stay awhile
       You say like a child
All the while I’m victim
        Of an ever fading smile

Stare at you with the lights in your face
It’s brilliant yet it seems like a waste
Never trust your perfect white teeth
They bite and they bite, bite and they bite
Rough me up
It’s how we get rich
All this happiness expunged
Time for a new stitch
It’s time for a new stitch

I keep running, I ran right passed her
I keep chasing a smile but it’s fading
faster and faster
             and faster and
                     faster and faster
                                 and faster and
                                         faster and faster and faster…

Lose yourself in this distraction
Watch it tumble from a minor infraction
It’s covered in blood and crawling toward you
Crawling and crawling and crawling to you
All this mystery lost in the patterns
The curtains close, you act like nothing matters
Get in your car and you drive away
Drive away you keep driving and driving
You can never get away never get away



Stars Collide

I might just kill myself
Trying to see if I can reach you
I might just destroy myself
And possibly all in vain
I know my place
Except that in all of space
Stars still collide
So how can I truly say
What can never be
The universe was built to prove me wrong
You exist to prove me wrong

And the planet may spin
Around a thousand times
As I stand in the same spot
Waiting for you to meet me
How can I say that day will never come
The sun burns just to prove me wrong
You exist to prove me wrong

We may breathe the same air
I may wish to breathe it straight from your lungs
Can I say that day will never come
Years and years may pass
We may all evaporate into gas
Perhaps we will all
Be sucked into the void
End up on the other side of the galaxy
Everything destroyed
Everything except you and I
Finally together
Under a blood red sky

Prove me wrong
Tell me how it could never be

Your heart exists to prove you wrong
My need exists, please come to me
Stay with me tonight

Stars collide to prove us right

I might just kill myself
Trying to see if I can reach you
I might just destroy myself
And possibly all in vain
I know my place
Except that in all of space
Our lips may still collide


The Shadows/Dance With Us

The shadows creeping through the night
Dancing to beats underneath the moonlight
It’s crazy
And it happens every time
You drag me from the sea
You think I’m seeing things
I see
Dead things coming back to life
I’m falling
In love with dancing phantoms
It has nothing to do with my state of mind
I’ve been so deep in darkness
It might have made me blind
But I see you
Like I’ve always seen you

When the stars twinkle
I feel like they’re laughing at us
We get eaten up by space
Swallowed by its vastness
And it leaves me feeling restless
I see it in your eyes
If this is hitting bottom
I can’t wait to feel the bounce
I hear your body talking
I’m drowning in the sounds
We’re out here spinning with the spirits
Floating in the air
You think I might be crazy
It’s just that I don’t care

It might have something to do with my state of mind
I see where this might be going
I know what I will find
And I know that if I am drowning
You’ll swim out to get me
I know you won’t forget me

Dance with me
On the graves of our passion
So aimless

Kick mud in the face
Of our greatness
Fall with me

Like a meteor
Crashing into fire
Eaten by the universe
Swallowed by desire
Dance with the ghosts
The destitute spirits of our destruction
The phantoms of our innocence
The faded reminders of our happiness
Dance with us 



It never leaves
This feeling
Has me by the balls
It’s such a gas
Answer the call
It’s always on the phone
I keep saying
That this feeling
Never leaves me alone

Find the flowers
In the garden
I’ll never send you another poem
Why can’t this feeling
Just leave me alone

If there was such a thing
As a soul
I’d beg it
Just to let it go
Let it go

In the afternoon
And in the evening too
It just floats there
Start to think I might be screwed
Hear the ring
I start to sing
Look underneath a stone
There it is
Won’t leave me alone

A dull ache inside my head
Flip the pillow on my bed
As the storm outside
Makes the house start to groan
There it is again
Rattling the window again
Maybe I should just let it in
With a deep sigh
I start to moan
Why won’t this feeling
Just leave me alone


Fresh Ink

Fresh ink
Love is thick
Moves too quick
Empties everything inside you

Makes you dream
Of your enemy

Skin is thick
And painted
Not an empty space in sight

Makes the sunlight
Darker than night

Of your enemy
Faded on your skin
Never forget their face
Every memory in sight
Not an empty space
Except inside

Fresh ink
Leaves you empty
You know you’re right
Faded by the sunlight
You know you should
Stay inside tonight

Love is quick
Hate is thicker
You can taste it

It tastes different than before
Like fresh ink
Spilling out of pores

Kiss your enemy
It’s on their lips
It leaves you empty
Feels different than before

Look at your enemy
Their face is faded
They look different than before

Skin is empty
See your face
Look inside
Ink begins to fade


Inevitably a Corpse

Sun falls behind the mountains
Coastline dissolves into the sea
Truth becomes a lie
And my darling
I was born to die

Could not turn back the clock
The wrinkles are too deep
These dusty bones are just too dry
So my darling
I was born to die

I’ve walked these roads too many times
My shadow always behind me
Souls too worn to deny
My darling
I was born to die

I’m like the tattered pages
Of your book
Reread so many times
But barely worth a look
At the end of my road
Found me half in the grave
A near dried up river
Too far gone to save

Your tender hand upon my face
No feeling could describe
My crooked ghost takes of to fly
Goodbye my darling
I was born to die



Wavy Lines

It’s not like night
Has ever been very kind
Now you caught me once again
With all these wavy lines
Tracing your adventures
On the back of old maps
And you’re by the front door
Playing with your boot straps

I feel the cold breeze
Through the crack in the door
How long will it be
Till I see you once more

And it’s not like your words
Have ever been unkind
But tonight I feel the cold wind
In my bones
And I wouldn’t mind but
You’ve caught me
With all these wavy lines
Writing your adventures
In dusty old books

I knew you’d be going soon
I could read it in your looks

I look to the sunset
Just hoping to forget
But it’s like these memories
Are too beautiful to let
Slip into the far distant night
I’m always seeing you dancing
In visions that haunt the shadows
Forever hidden from the light

And all your wavy adventures
Might have left the taste of the undiscovered
Lingering just below the surface of my skin
But I know I’ll be right here
When you come back again

I am kind of bothered
Here sitting by the door
How long will it be
Till I see you once more

I float through life
But you’re a ship
Forever sailing
I’m on the porch
Safe from the rain
Your dancing in puddles
Vanishing in glimmering rainbows
I’m just hoping
I can catch a vision of you
And hold it in my brain

You’ll always be
My greatest adventure