Vinnie & The Plant (Re-working)

A very ambitious reworking of Vinnie & The Plant.

This was a four day project and really pushed me to learn some new tricks and treats in Photoshop.
I’m actually quite happy with how it came out which is great considering I was thinking of scrapping it just this morning.

If you want to see the original and read the poem CLICK HERE.

Vinnie & The Plant WIP (And Why I Like To Rework Old Art…)

Here is a preview of my current project, some of you may recognize it as I have posted the original recently, which made me think, why do I like to remake my old art? Well, I have spent time learning how to use some great programs (Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop) and have found that I really enjoy creating a better representation of my art, lack of actual drawing ability is no longer a handicap!

Sometimes I also find that sometimes my tools are inhibiting my vision, a pen that starts to run out ink or not having the right color marker or the right kind of paper. If I was a better artist these things probably wouldn’t be an issue, but what I found with making vector art is that I don’t have these drawbacks and I can see a clearer vision of what I am looking for.

Sometimes I’m still not happy with what I made on the computer, but another thing I love about making vector art is that I can go back later and make minor changes without having to redraw the entire piece.

There is also the ability to animate my art better in vector format.
It is a little like cheating if you ask me, but in the end it gives me better satisfaction and I feel like it actually helps me draw better as well (I’ll get into that at another time).