Turn off the lights
Put your headphones on
Melt into the blackness
Listen to this song

And listen until
You’re all filled up again
Reach out and I will
Hold your hand

In the dark
With only music between us
This might be perfect
I never could have dreamed this

I never could have dreamed this

It’s better this way
Let the music consume us
Cause it seems that
Possibly words might doom us

And with the lights out
Were less dangerous
And once again
We might be strangers

With my eyes closed
Your hand in mine
You heart pours endless
Lyrics in my mind

Maybe it just might be
Better this way
This night just might just be

It’s never too late to be
Exactly who we want


Photo by HiddenMoves (Link)


This Music Is Magical

I’m killing it
Note by note
You won’t forget
You’ll be whistling this shit all day

The lyrics are almost writing themselves
The flow is out of control
I feel so alive
You’ll be listening to this shit while you drive

This music is magical
This magic is musical

Way to fast
Windows down
You’ll be singing out of your mind
Swerving your car, out out of control
Note by note, driving it deep into your soul

Ya, you know that I’m great
This song might even get you pregnant
If you happen to listen
While you masturbate

This music is magical
This magic is musical
This music is magical
This magic is musical
This music is magical
This magic is musical

Poem is mine. Image is not.

Working on new music…


My workload loosens up a tiny bit at the beginning of the year even though my customer load increases, go figure…

…so I started to work on some new tunes for a possible 2015 record release.

So at this point I am spending as much time as possible filling my head with musical influences.

I am shooting for a clean punk/rock/indie sound which is harder to pull off using Ableton Live than you would imagine.

Some of my influences for this record are:

Systems Officer – Pacer

Three Mile Pilot – Year of No Light

Screaming Females – Ripe

OFF! – “Over Our Heads”

I even all ready have an album title!

Check out my updated bandcamp page here:


A Singing Comet (Seven Year Itch Remix)

I’m not sure if you have been paying much attention to the recent landing of a rover on a comet by the ESA, but they have also released some audio that was recorded and then sonified for human hearing ranges. Read more HERE. I was so inclined upon hearing it, to create my own track that contained the eerie space sound.

The is remix of the comet sounds captured by the Rosetta Spacecraft and made audible by German composer Manuel Senfft for ESA’s SoundCloud. I hope you like it and please comment below!

Here are some images of the comet I remixed as well. 🙂






9 of the Best Songs (You May Not Have Heard) by …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (With Videos)

With the upcoming ninth release from Trail of Dead, I thought I would share my favorite songs from this crushingly underrated band.

This band have released a torrent of intense albums since 1995, and though their sound has evolved, they continue in the tradition of a great progressive rock/punk.

(In no particular order.)

1. Mistakes & Regrets (Madonna)

2. Days of Being Wild (Source Tags & Code)

3. Let It Dive (World Apart)

4. Wasted State of Mind (So Divided)

5. Bells of Creation (The Century of Self)

6. Let’s Experiment (The Tao of the Dead)

7. Time and Again (Lost Songs)

8. Festival Thyme (Festival Thyme EP)

9. Naked Sun (So Divided)