SEEING WITH MY EYES CLOSED – (Poem and Art Inspired by Jeff Bridges: Sleeping Tapes)

Poem and Art Inspired by Jeff Bridges: Sleeping Tapes

Eyes Closed.
Shapes and colors spiral.
Inward outward.
Darkness light.
Sleep and nightmare.
Awake and dreaming.

The voices echoing in silence
A wonder…the birth of the universe.

What came before.
What force awoke the galaxy into existence.

If nothing existed, would nothing be something.

Darkness spirals closer into view
I’m floating motionless in flight
The ambient noise fills me completely
Memories flow sweetly by
A touch, a kiss, a worry, a celebration

Sleep threatens.

I fight it weakly.
Spurts of images…

I feel the light fight
Burning my eyes
It is morning.

Vinnie & The Plant (Re-working)

A very ambitious reworking of Vinnie & The Plant.

This was a four day project and really pushed me to learn some new tricks and treats in Photoshop.
I’m actually quite happy with how it came out which is great considering I was thinking of scrapping it just this morning.

If you want to see the original and read the poem CLICK HERE.

Photoshop Painting Tutorials (and why I missed posting for a day…)

So I woke up this morning and realized I skipped a day on posting to this blog. Not really a big deal, but I fear that one day can turn into one week or one month. For me a strict routine is needed or I tend to just fall of the cliff, free-falling until I’m struck by a ledge that has jutted out from the side of the mountain. Then comes the tedious climb back up…

What I’m saying is that if I don’t post daily, I won’t even post weekly…and I want to. This blog has been my most successful and enjoyable and I plan on keeping it that way.

The reason I missed yesterday was because I immersed myself in some very enlightening and fun to watch Photoshop Painting Tutorials.

Here are the links:

Digital Painting 101- (1 of 5) – Intro from matt kohr on Vimeo.

This last video is 5 parts and has a lot of beginner info, but I always like “brushing ” up on my Photoshop painting shortcuts and tricks anyway.

Vinnie & The Plant WIP (And Why I Like To Rework Old Art…)

Here is a preview of my current project, some of you may recognize it as I have posted the original recently, which made me think, why do I like to remake my old art? Well, I have spent time learning how to use some great programs (Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop) and have found that I really enjoy creating a better representation of my art, lack of actual drawing ability is no longer a handicap!

Sometimes I also find that sometimes my tools are inhibiting my vision, a pen that starts to run out ink or not having the right color marker or the right kind of paper. If I was a better artist these things probably wouldn’t be an issue, but what I found with making vector art is that I don’t have these drawbacks and I can see a clearer vision of what I am looking for.

Sometimes I’m still not happy with what I made on the computer, but another thing I love about making vector art is that I can go back later and make minor changes without having to redraw the entire piece.

There is also the ability to animate my art better in vector format.
It is a little like cheating if you ask me, but in the end it gives me better satisfaction and I feel like it actually helps me draw better as well (I’ll get into that at another time).