Disaster #23

Picking up the pieces of this disaster
Keep chasing it around
It runs faster and faster
And faster and faster
Keep sucking the wind
From the stormy seas
I exhale new worlds but they mean nothing to me
Nothing to me n
o nothing to me

Stay awhile
       You say like a child
All the while I’m victim
        Of an ever fading smile

Stare at you with the lights in your face
It’s brilliant yet it seems like a waste
Never trust your perfect white teeth
They bite and they bite, bite and they bite
Rough me up
It’s how we get rich
All this happiness expunged
Time for a new stitch
It’s time for a new stitch

I keep running, I ran right passed her
I keep chasing a smile but it’s fading
faster and faster
             and faster and
                     faster and faster
                                 and faster and
                                         faster and faster and faster…

Lose yourself in this distraction
Watch it tumble from a minor infraction
It’s covered in blood and crawling toward you
Crawling and crawling and crawling to you
All this mystery lost in the patterns
The curtains close, you act like nothing matters
Get in your car and you drive away
Drive away you keep driving and driving
You can never get away never get away


We Bleed Either Way

In joy or in pain
We bleed either way
Destined for greatness
Or left in a ditch
We live life anyway
I watch the sky split apart
It made no difference
Sun shone all the day
I saw your smile
Hiding in shadows
You carried on
Never swayed

Maybe it never really mattered
All these emotions so scattered
Our hearts and minds left tattered
Can’t say it makes much difference

In joy or in pain
We suffer the day
With the clouds in our hearts
We forget who we are
And with all this against us
This short life before us
We carry on unafraid
With doom in our minds
The sun still peeks
Through the blinds
We never give way
We just bleed through the day
Shine through clouds of gray
Carry on anyway

With all this between us
How can we ever be true
This short life before us
Without meaning
The spirits that haunt us

How we wake in the morning
A new sun to warm us
Feel lost in the forest
How we sleep in the evening
The cold night surrounds us
Nightmares distort us
How heavy it weighs
Living life in this daze
We carry on anyway

Maybe it never really mattered
All these emotions so scattered
Our hearts and minds left tattered
Maybe it never matters

When our cold body splatters
Torn into tatters
Can’t say it makes much difference


Wave Goodbye

I’m here
In the eye of the storm
You, are the thought
That keeps me warm
People are selfish beasts
And it ills me
Leaves me in the cold
And it chills me

Drawing spirals
Through life
Going nowhere
And you just sit there
Jumping from book to book
Leaving me right here
On the hook

Closed my heart too early
Didn’t know what I was waiting for
Just knew
That I could not wait anymore

Just maybe
The storm might carry me
And I’ll take it anywhere
Going nowhere

Wave goodbye
I’ll wave goodbye
Scream goodbye
At the top of my lungs


She Is

She is unreal…

Every atom in her make up
Makes every brain cell wake up
She is what you feel
She is the cosmic netting
That covers you at night
What else am I forgetting

Oh yes….

She plays the planets
Like drums
The sound is in your mind
And it numbs

Every brain cell with her beauty
She tosses suns
Like throwing stars

She is dichotomy
Gave the devil a lobotomy
She’ll bury all her fear
Smile without a care
And though she might might be breaking
She’ll transfix you upon waking

She is real
Every emotion that you feel
Keep it in your memory
Even if it keeps you up at night
Though dual parts of you may fight
Accept the darkness in the light

She is unreal
She is what you feel
She is the cosmic netting
That covers you at night
She is the letters that you write
Shadows that hold you down
Sunlight that brings you up

You keep trying to get into her brain
I can tell you that it’s insane
To try to understand the stars
Comprehend the universe
You try to fix her
And it only makes it worse

She is the flow

Under no control
You might as well try to catch a soul




Take the Night

Feed the darkness
Nurture the light
Whatever choice you make
I’ll be yours tonight
Stop the clocks
Pour a drink
Down your throat
Or down the sink
Whatever you decide
I’ll be yours tonight
I’ll be yours for this life

Take the night
Bleed the sky
I’m by your side
I won’t ask why
As you battle demons
Or shadows of your past
I’ll be by your side
We’re gonna have a blast



She sits by windows
Reads books by moonlight
Words dancing into her soul
She thinks no one gets her
Mostly she doesn’t always understand herself

Maybe in time 
Though she wonders how much she has left
How empty the void
Before it collapses into itself
Could she write enough poetry
To spell out her destiny

If she has a friend
How long until they disappear
Can she just crawl inside this fiction
These ghosts of literature
Are less frightening 
Than the ghosts in her life

Will she succumb to the crashing
Of the waves and in silence

No one gets her
She can make sure of that  
And though she may live life invisible
She will not disappear

Will she succumb to the demons
Waiting in the shadows
Or to her own reflection
Staring back like some alien

Will she just one day evaporate
And turn back into the stuff of stars
Some days she wishes she could 
With just a thought

She turns the page
Just in case the story gets better
An drop of rain hits the window
Or maybe it was a tear dropping
On the tattered paper