It hugs the floorboards
Until the dust should rise
And you go walking by
It floats right by your eyes
It seeps through cracks
Like winds from a distant land
Attracted to what’s alive
It tightens it’s ghostly hand
It’s crippled by it’s need
Still life and spilled blood
Like poison in your brain
It makes your thoughts thick as mud
It finds that moment
It can smell your soul is weakened
Like an ancient demon round your neck
It sinks it’s teeth in
It crawls on the floorboards
Scratches paint off the walls
Blackens your heart
It awakens as the night falls


The Astronaut

The empty lonely existence that is outer-space
He’s out there tied to the ship
Swimming out there, swimming with grace
He looks deep into the void 
It’s like standing on top of a tall building
Threatening to slip
Or on a cliff
Dreaming of jumping
Should he just disconnect
Float off into deep space
Go for a swim
Swimming with grace
So peaceful and alone In the quiet reaches of space
Swimming with grace

He doesn’t even realize it

When his hands do a quiet caress
He hears the click and looks down in shock
Feeling helpless
He drifts off into space
Screaming with grace

Screaming with grace

Zoltar (The Clown From Outerspace) 1994-95 Notebook (Part 2)

As a special treat today, I am going to share some pages from a notebook I used in 1994-95 for poetry and art.
Kind of embarrassing, kind of funny but definitely insightful to the me that existed 20 years ago.


These characters are some very scary clowns from outer-space that visited me in my day-mares growing up.
For some reason I decided to burn the pages (for artistic reasons presumably) luckily I didn’t destroy them completely.

The pages are titled “Unaturally Born Killers.”