Disaster #23

Picking up the pieces of this disaster
Keep chasing it around
It runs faster and faster
And faster and faster
Keep sucking the wind
From the stormy seas
I exhale new worlds but they mean nothing to me
Nothing to me n
o nothing to me

Stay awhile
       You say like a child
All the while I’m victim
        Of an ever fading smile

Stare at you with the lights in your face
It’s brilliant yet it seems like a waste
Never trust your perfect white teeth
They bite and they bite, bite and they bite
Rough me up
It’s how we get rich
All this happiness expunged
Time for a new stitch
It’s time for a new stitch

I keep running, I ran right passed her
I keep chasing a smile but it’s fading
faster and faster
             and faster and
                     faster and faster
                                 and faster and
                                         faster and faster and faster…

Lose yourself in this distraction
Watch it tumble from a minor infraction
It’s covered in blood and crawling toward you
Crawling and crawling and crawling to you
All this mystery lost in the patterns
The curtains close, you act like nothing matters
Get in your car and you drive away
Drive away you keep driving and driving
You can never get away never get away



The Length of a Smile

You take short trips with cool kids
To parks on cloudy days
I sit alone but I’m looking into heaven

Fake reading this book of poetry
And watching you
With them

I wanna walk to you
I could never say anything
You would forget about me

My head is held below water
Pink clouds warm with sunset
Suffocate me

I’m staring into heaven
But nothings looking back at me

I wave to trees
Throw a kiss into the sky
And swim in grass
The hills like waves

I find a place by the trees roots
To bury my heart deep
Dirt underneath my nails
Groggy with sleep

And out of the corner
Of my closed eye
See you get up to leave
Try to hide myself with leaves

Your eye finds me
I see you smile
I try to contain
The feeling of stars pulling closer
The length of your smile
Travels farther and deeper
The hills begin to roll

Such a tiny gesture
Refills my soul
I wave goodbye
You close your eyes
And wave your hair

You walk away
I could never say anything
You will forget about me





If life is but a dream
Then where did she get
All of those scars

If life is a party
Then why was she kicked
Out of all those bars

If life is for the taking
Then why was she robbed
And left for breaking

If life is what you make it
Then why when she smiles
Does she look like she’s faking

Life is so full of shit
You keep putting in
With nothing left to get
You empty your soul
But there’s no progress
To show

She sits in the corner
She keeps sharpening that knife
She sits in the corner
She keeps sharpening that knife

If life is for living
Why do the ones who have
Keep stealing
Leaving the rest
To fight over crumbs

The answer is quite revealing

If life is what you make it
Then why when she smiles
Does she look like she fakes it

Life is for the losing
And maybe that’s why 
It’s so damn confusing
You’re only born to die
But I do find it amusing
When it doesn’t make me cry

She sits in the corner
She keeps sharpening that knife
She sits in the corner
She keeps sharpening that knife

Maybe she’ll use it on herself
Maybe she’ll use it on me
I try
To catch 
Her eye
And ask
Her why
She keeps sharpening that knife

She looks at me and smiles
And says


What were you hiding in your pocket
Rocks or poems a knife or locket
And you hid something in your smile too
Maybe you had a secret rocket
In your backyard parked on blocks
All gassed up and ready to rock
With coordinates to a hidden planet
Possibly of mismatched socks
You hid something in your heart as well
Was it cracked like the liberty bell
Full of darkness blacker than space
Or full of love and starting to swell
The hidden knowledge of aliens
Egyptian pyramids and ray guns
Big bags full of comet dust
A book of naughty rhymes and puns
Why did you have to hide it all from me
The unknown secrets of the galaxy
Behind that grin and purple brows
A ticket to ride into infinity
What were you hiding behind those eyes
The ability to hypnotize
Travel with nothing but your mind
How to train some killer flies
Why didn’t we find that kind of trust
That isolates the both of us
Makes us gods of space and time
Leaves the cities to burn to dust
You hid it all and you kept it best
I got no further than the rest
Just another name you’ll forget

But I’ll consider myself blessed
Just another name that you’ll forget
I guess I got no further than the rest

Poem is mine, Image source Here.

Deaths Jagged Smile

Dead lights shine in the alley.
My body freezes and sweats, see the shine in the knife that’s still in me.
The smell of my blood stings my eyes full of tears.
I try to move and confirm all my fears.
The blade stuck so deep that I feel pinned to the ground.
Blood in my ears reverberating oceanic sounds.
The clouds in my brain part, showing visions of regret and pain.
The events of my life led me here, my canvas is washed with disdain.
Looking in the sky, I see space isn’t truly black.
Stars dance before me calling me deep, floating but I’m fighting to come back.
Chills welcome me to this mortal place and also the asphalt sharp against my skin.
I see the choices I’ve made, as the world starts to spin.
I start to fade out again, my body becoming translucent.
I see deaths friendly face, jagged teeth bidding me to consent.
My problems dissolve like marshmallows in hot chocolate.
I’m beautifully numb like my first time on a drug trip.
Keep calling voice of death, drown out the shit that ravages my unhealthy soul!
Take me away, I am ready to go.

Poem is mine. Image is not.