The Cold Loveliness of Space

What is it like to hang from stars
Touch the walls of space
See it spin around
The galaxy in flux
The way the time seems to stretch
And memory fades away
The truth that lies within
Leaves me in a crux

And you want to know
Why I want to know
The secrets that you keep
The thoughts you hide away
The nightmares while you sleep

What is it like to hang from stars
Inspect the elements of creation
Watch galaxies being formed
And watch the world
Change shape
And as it spins
Feel gravity lift
And throw you out
Into the cold
Loveliness of space

And I suddenly realize
We can leave this place
Escape the solar flares
Threatening our forms
Make our way to Pluto
Surf in Jupiters storms

And we can leave this place
Escape the insincere 
And leave behind
Our earthly fears

And you want to know
Why I read the words
That feed my soul
Why do I grab on so tight
Just to let go
Build my castle tall
Just to leave this place
Smile as my face as I’m
Thrown into the cold loveliness of space

This place is more than I can bear
But the silent loneliness of space
Calls me
Enthralls me
I hope you join me
I want you always near
You should bring a few books dear
Because It might get boring out there



Big Rip

Encompassing me
Ripping through
What I thought was real
A halo around me
Can’t brighten
The darkness within me
And I feel it

Not far away
Without a shudder or a quake
Or a kiss
In silence
The thunderous rip

I’ve been sleeping too long
A slumbering universe
Take your knife
Carve constellations into me

I’ve been sleeping so long
I almost missed your face
As it floated before me
In the void
And I see it

So close
And so far
As the universe expands
In darkness
A thunderous rip

Caught in amber
A teardrop from a tree
A sound vibrating
In a single atom
Of phantom energy
Ripping apart
Tearing you from me

Encompassing me
Ripping through
What I thought was real
A halo around me
Can’t brighten
The darkness within me
And it was all

Born with a scream
Gone in a whisper
The Big Rip

“The Big Rip is a cosmological hypothesis first published in 2003, about the ultimate fate of the universe, in which the matter of the universe, from stars and galaxies to atoms and subatomic particles, is progressively torn apart by the expansion of the universe at a certain time in the future. According to the hypothesis, the scale factor of the universe and with it all distances in the universe will become infinite at a finite time in the future.”



Dead Inside (Love Poem for a Black Hole)

I have tried too hard too find a way
To see my reflection in the black
Of your eye
Everything is dissolving
And I feel that reality is slipping
If this is really real
There is no going back
To when the stars used to shine
In our sky

And even though I’m dying now
I’m using all my will
To force the heavens to draw you closer

I can feel the moon
Floating down to meet me
Stars all tied together
Floating down to greet me
Universes contracting
Though I feel my heart is waning

Now I know I’m dead inside
That part of me was burned alive
All the patterns full of lies
The universe has come to claim me

Now I know I’m dead inside
So long since I’ve seen my reflection
In the darkness of your eye
I can feel the end
Come to greet me
The balance of the darkness 
And the light
Exist perfectly within me

Now the universe has shifted
Planets pulled out of alignment
I feel the universe contracting
And I can only hope
You’re on your way
To greet me


Did I ever really get to know you
Before I caught the rocket to mars
All this time and every penny I blew
Spent all my money just crashing into stars

You kept me in your life though
I don’t think you knew what to do with me
Out here flying alone in the cosmos
I realized with certainty

I would always be
In blackness with your memory
As my company

Which planet will I land on when
You finally leave my mind
I don’t think there is a galaxy far enough away and I’ll find
My heart will always be on earth with you
On beaches watching waves crashing

Which asteroid will I crash into when
I realize it was always going to be you
And I’ve destroyed my only chance
At a life
On beaches watching the stars dance

I’m an astronaut and I’ll always be caught
Starring back at this pale blue dot
Just shoot me into a black hole
I stayed the course but where will I stop
Some barren and forgotten rock
Your memory still alive in my soul
Starring back at me when I know I’m not
Ever going home like I had thought
Never going to be whole

I’m an astronaut and I forgot
That infamy won’t last an eternity
I’ll die alone while your love
Still burns in me
Still burns in me


To me it seems
The currents in the ocean
Are coaxing me
To live outside my dreams

I’ve been spending
Too much energy
Swimming up steam
Against the tide

And I keep asking
Who’s side
Are you on
Because we’re still young

And it seems crazy to me
To shackle ourselves
To this solar system

When I look in the sky
The stars blink in rhythm

And remember each star is a sun
And if that doesn’t inspire you
Then maybe you need
To stop and take in the view

And you tend to bleed
So I need
You to know
What I want for you

Is to finally have some fun
If all it takes
Is for me to reach
Inside myself

And pull out the light
Just give me tonight
To dream
I’m finally gonna do it right

You just found out what you
Truly mean to me
And that look on your face
Will stay in my memory

When I look in the sky
The stars blink in rhythm

Poem is mine. Image HERE.


Laying down on the ground with you
Invited to enjoy your view
To watch the meteors crash around

Music pouring from her veins
Amidst the bodies of the slain
Pouring blood into the ground

She tears the sky
With her third eye
And starts to fly
The universe gives us a kiss goodbye

Laying in the cosmos with you
Invited to enjoy your view
I lean over to give you a kiss

Starlight pouring from her veins
Her spirit loosened from its chains
My lips just grazing the abyss

She tears black holes
With telepathic controls
We start to decompose
As the universe absorbs our souls

The mystery of seeing
An existential being
I wake up sweating
I guess it was a dream

Poem is mine. Image is not.