My wife and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary today! 🙂
This is a poem I wrote for her before we were married…

her sweet touch
her butterfly fingers
over my face
I close my eyes and drift away,

I feel her close
then closer
my heart beats strong
my heart will beat for her forever,

she has set my mind adrift
left her halo on my pillow
I no longer will know sorrow
and I can’t wait
to see her face
when I wake up tomorrow,

and every night
for all of time
I know inside my soul
she will always be mine,

my breath
my sight
my life
for as long as we both shall live



I still remember
Our first twenty-four hours
Endless conversations
The best use of time I’d ever spent
And our first kiss
A sleepy accident

You lifted me from my smoky haze
Showed me how bright the sun could shine
My eyes still had to adjust to the light
It only took a little time

It’s that cosmic thing
When you’ve known somebody
For lifetimes
I know the first time we locked eyes
I must have heard some chimes

Now here we are
How can thirteen years
Feel like a week
Though look at how much we have grown
I know the next thirteen may go
Like a flash
Though our future is still unknown

What adventures will we have
Where will we spend our final days
Will I just go bald
Or will I go a sexy grey
All I really know is
I’m just glad I will have you
Forever in my life
Well, that’s all I wanted to say to you
My beautiful wife