Stoned Clowns (A True Story)

Stoned clowns
On my porch
Setting my hair on fire
A trifle bit
Like drinking alcohol
In my underwear
Into the spa I drown

Flypaper my consciousness
An ambulance ride
They stand upon me
and stomp my disease away
I read a book of recipes
And cook up insanity
I lie I told a thousand times
Slapped me in the face
And try as I may
My sanity, my hope
Won’t last

I pick up my spit
And drop it on my guilt
Wash away

The cheering stopped
And I adjusted my brain
My loves and hates
Stepped of the train
Nerve endings
Turned my hair black
My father turned
Into a human
So I killed him
With a platinum record

I awoke to the heartburn
Of my headache

Victorious I return
Goofy but otherwise okay
And I meet the wizard
We chat
And the dream comes back
So weird it was

So I kill myself again


Happy Halloween!