Your hands stained blue
Close around your own throat
Its a good thing you didn’t leave the house
Without your raincoat
Cause the clouds are bleeding
And you wipe a drop off your forehead
Realize your hairs receding
And you wonder if you might be dead
When’s the last time you even checked the time
Shit, are there even any clocks here
The streets are empty
All but for the scent of tires and fear
And it is awfully quiet
The businesses look closed
And all you can think
Is that your really glad you brought your raincoat
It’s that man again
Looking at you through smokey windows
And as the light fades
You admire how the city glows
And you know you’re not alone
You have these strange markings around your throat
And all you can think
Is that you’re desperately glad
You brought your raincoat.


A Singing Comet (Seven Year Itch Remix)

I’m not sure if you have been paying much attention to the recent landing of a rover on a comet by the ESA, but they have also released some audio that was recorded and then sonified for human hearing ranges. Read more HERE. I was so inclined upon hearing it, to create my own track that contained the eerie space sound.

The is remix of the comet sounds captured by the Rosetta Spacecraft and made audible by German composer Manuel Senfft for ESA’s SoundCloud. I hope you like it and please comment below!

Here are some images of the comet I remixed as well. 🙂






Scary, Funny, and Weird Halloween Movies I’ve Watched (With Trailer Links)

Wow, they must have a big screen TV…

I love movies. Mostly though, I love horror movies. I like the scary ones, the funny ones, the campy ones and even the candy-corny ones.
Big problem though. I can never remember which I have watched and (witch) I have not. So this post will be my memory.

I will post trailer links as well.
Feel free to comment if I am missing any good Halloween movies that you think I might like.

Here is the list of Horror & Halloween movies in no particular order with my own personal rating. I also designated if they are thriller, alien, ghost story, weird, revenge, comedy, dark comedy, romance, found footage, gore, slasher, killer, action, mystery, campy, vampire, werewolf, Frankenstein, monster, classic horror, Halloween, stop animation, cartoon, CGI, demon, demonic possession, witch, voodoo, curse, virus, zombie, parasite, scary or mind-bending.

As a note, all the videos I am putting her are ones I recommend (though that doesn’t mean you will like them :).

For a huge list of Halloween Movies, go to : Spooktacular Movies

1. Eden Lake 7.7 Thriller/Gore/Scary
2. The Moth Diaries  8.6 Ghost Story/Vampire/Weird
3. Oculus  9.4 Ghost Story/Weird/Mind-Bending/Scary
4. Dead Silence  6.8 Ghost Story/Weird/Gore/Scary
5. Drag Me  To Hell 7.9 Campy/Demon/Gore/Curse
6. Mama 8.1 Ghost Story/Weird/Scary
7. Paranorman 9.3 Ghost Story/Witch/Stop Animation/Halloween/Campy
8. Frankenweenie 9.4 Frankenstein/Stop Animation/Campy/Monster
9. Dark Shadows 8.9 Vampire/Comedy/Witch/Campy
10. Trick ‘r Treat  7.9 Campy/Vampire/Ghost Story/Halloween/Gore/Dark Comedy/Slasher
11. Underworld 8.6 Vampire/Action/Werewolf
12. Wolf Creek 9.2 Slasher/Thriller/Gore/Scary
13. Bad Kids Go To Hell 7.1 Ghost Story/Curse/Dark Comedy
14. Fright Night 1985 8.9 Vampire/Campy
15. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark 8.3 Comedy/Witch/Campy
16. Cursed 8.5 Werewolf/Campy/Comedy
17. Stir of Echos 9.8 Ghost Story/Scary
18. All Cheerleaders Die 7.9 Zombie/Revenge/Gore/Dark Comedy
19. Cabin in the Woods 8.4 Dark Comedy/Campy/Scary/Monster/Demon/Ghost Story
20. Haunter 8.7  Killer/Ghost Story/Weird/Scary
21. Cabin Fever: Patient Zero 6.9 Virus/Gore/Dark Comedy
22. The Returned 7.8 Zombie/Gore
23. Apartment 1303 6.2 Ghost Story
24. Haunt 6.1 Ghost Story/Killer
25. Monster House 9.2  Ghost Story/Monster/CGI/Halloween
26. Big Ass Spider  7.5 Comedy/Monster/Gore/Campy
27. Silent Hill 9.3  Ghost Story/Witch/Scary/Weird
28. Halloween 1978 8.7 Slasher/Scary/Halloween
29. Fun Size 8.4  Halloween/Comedy
30. Hocus Pocus 9.3 Halloween/Witch/Campy/Comedy/Curse
31. Vamps 7.7 Vampire/Comedy
32. Child’s Play 8.8 Killer/Curse/Scary
33. House of Wax 2005 7.5 Killer/Weird
34. Candyman 8.8 Killer/Revenge/Ghost Story
35. An American Werewolf in London 8.9 Werewolf/Curse/Scary/Campy
36. The Mist 9.2 Scary/Monster/Mind-Bending
37. Scream 8.9 Slasher/Dark Comedy/Halloween
38. Beetlejuice 9.4 Dark Comedy/Ghost Story/Weird
39. What Lies Beneath 8.9 Ghost Story/Revenge
40. The Lost Boys 9.0 Vampire
41. The Monkey’s Paw 6.8 Curse/Gore
42. 1408 9.3 Ghost Story/Curse/Weird/Mind-Bending
43. Christine 8.9 Demonic Possession/Killer
44. The Skeleton Key 8.6 Voodoo/Scary
45. Shaun of the Dead 9.6 Dark Comedy/Zombie
46. Cry_Wolf 7.7 Thriller/Killer
47. Dracula Dead and Loving 8.3 Comedy/Vampire/Campy
48. Shivers 6.8 Gore/Weird/Parasite
49. Wolf  7.7 Werewolf
50. The Monster Squad 8.5 Comedy/Werewolf/Vampire/Monster/Mummy
51. The Ring 9.2 Ghost Story/Scary/Mind-Bending
52. Casper 9.0  Ghost Story/Comedy/CGI & Live Action
53. Teen Wolf 8.8 Werewolf/Comedy/Campy
54. The Number 23 9.1 Thriller/Killer/Mind-Bending
55. Queen of the Damned 9.3 Vampire
56. The Haunting 9.0 Ghost Story
57. Case 39 8.3 Demonic Possession/Scary
58. Chastity Bites 6.4 Comedy/Vampire
59. The Quiet Ones 8.1 Ghost Story
60. Sinister 8.8 Ghost Story/Demon/Curse/Gore/Scary
61. Sleepy Hollow 9.6 Ghost Story/Mystery/Witch/Revenge
62. A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 9.1  Killer/Revenge/Mind-Bending
63. Insidious 8.5 Ghost Story/Demonic Possession/Scary
64. Young Frankenstein 9.3 Comedy/Campy/Frankenstein
65. Insidious 2 8.4 Ghost Story/Demonic Possession/Scary
66. You’re Next 8.7 Killer/Gore/Revenge/Scary
67. Elvira’s Haunted Hills 7.8 Comedy/Classic Horror
68. The Awakening 8.7 Ghost Story/Mystery
69. V/H/S 7.2 Found Footage/Weird/Ghost Story/Monster/Vampire
70. The Den 6.1 Killer/Gore /Slasher
71. The Rage: Carrie 2 7.6 Revenge/Gore
72. Warm Bodies 8.4 Romance/Comedy/Zombie
73. Smiley 7.2 Slasher/Gore/Ghost Story
74. All Hallows Eve 7.8 Killer/Gore/Demon/Clown/Scary
75. Carrie 2013 8.5 Revenge/Gore
76. Identity 9.0 Killer/Mystery
77. Secret Window 9.1 Killer/Mystery
78. Cabin Fever 8.8 Virus/Gore/Dark Comedy
79. Stay Alive 7.7 Ghost Story/Mystery/Killer
80. Argento’s: Dracula 5.8 Vampire/Classic Horror
81. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 8.5 Vampire/Werewolf/Action
82. Wer 7.7 Werewolf/Gore
83. Mercy (Stephen King) 7.8 Witch/Curse/Scary/Killer
84. Extraterrestrial 8.7 Alien/Thriller/Scary
85. The Host 9.3 Monster/Virus/Foreign/Action
86. The Taking of Deborah Logan 7.8 Ghost Story/Demonic Possession/Killer/Scary/Found Footage
87. Tower of Terror 8.4 Ghost Story/Comedy/Witch/Curse/Halloween
88. Wolf Cop 7.6 Dark Comedy/Werewolf
89. I Saw the Devil 8.3 Killer/Revenge/Gore/

Movies I’m Watching Next…

I, Frankenstein
Shock Value

More to come…