Journey To Deathland – CHAPTER 1 – Deathland Cave

This is part one of a project I worked on a few years back. I wrote a song, drew a scene and wrote a chapter for each part of the story. It was a suprisingly big project that I actually (almost) completed, minus a couple of drawings that I might get around to soon. I will post a chapter a day but if you are impatient you can read the whole thing here:

The sky is darkening and a foreboding wind is blowing through the jungle as Zooli, a visitor from the 23rd dimension, and Explorer, an adventuring archeologist, brave the rapids of the dangerous River El Diablo in search of Deathland. The legend of Deathland is 1000 years old, and its location had been lost for centuries, but with the discovery of a long lost map they instantly set out to explore the magical place. The trip through the jungle has been very hard and has taken many weeks, but today as the sun was setting they have come upon the cave entrance to Deathland. Explorer’s heart is beating rapidly as they walk into the darkness…


Explore and Zooli walked into Deathland. It took a few minutes for their eyes to adjust to the low light of the cave, but when they did, they saw an amazing sight. The cavern was huge. Thick vines hung from the ceiling and a beautiful blue light radiated from the walls. An ancient smell filled Explorers nose and he shivered with excitement. As they walked further into the cave they saw that they were surrounded by a deep shimmering pool of water. Seven large charcoal grey stone pillars protruded from the water leaving large gaps in between. Explorer saw that they would have to jump from stone pillar to stone pillar to make it the other side of the cave. Strange orange fish swam in the water and upon closer inspection Explorer saw that they had razor sharp teeth and a mad look in their beady fish eyes.
‘We must not fall,’ he said to Zooli, ‘those look like very hungry fish.’
At the end of the trail of pillars there was another cavern door and from there they heard the faint sound of strange music. They started jumping and Explorer thought they would be safe, but on the third pillar a chunk broke off when he landed. Explorer slipped and started falling. At the last minute he put a hand up and clung desperately to the pillars edge. Zooli appeared above him looking over the side and one of his strange blue hands darted down and grabbed Explorers arm. With incredible strength Zooli started pulling him up.
When Explorer was safely on the pillar he took a deep breath and looked at Zooli. ‘Thank you friend, I will never forget this.’ He said sincerely.
They continued jumping from pillar to pillar and were quite happy when they safely made it to the other side.

Saw something strange in the jungle today…

Over the last few years I have worked on a mixed media story that involved drawings/music/writing.
I will share some of what I have completed it here and would appreciate any feedback 🙂

Journey to Deathland:
Voodoo Priest

Character Design for Voodoo Priest
Voodoo Priest in Jungle With Tiki Torches
Melvin stumbles onto the Voodoo Priest preforming a strange ceremony.