WordPress Poetry Spotlight (PART 2)

These people make poetry cool.

1. Gravity – The Secret Life of Sahara
2. Night – Robert Okaji
3. The Dream – Afflicted Fool – LoftyDreams101
4. Games – XU
5. I Have Known Your Lips – Elan Mudrow
6. Dear World, I’m Listening – ScatteringTheSilence
7. Resolution – Paul F. Lenzi
8. Muse – Ordinary Handsome
9. 50 Word Stories: Macro Creatures – In Noir Velvet
10. Drifting Sea On Dreams – Peace, Love and Patchouli 

Thanks to all of you for the constant inspiration and support. WordPress is the best place I’ve ever posted my poetry. The community here is awesome!
If you have a poem you would like to promote or know someone who need some more exposure, go ahead and leave it in the comments.

WordPress Poetry Spotlight (PART 1)

I find it funny that when I started this blog it was mostly for my art and I only posted some old poems for something to share and keep my blog active, but suddenly (inspired by the many great poets I have found here) my love of poetry was renewed and I found myself writing poetry even faster than when I was younger. 

I decided I wanted to highlight some of the great poetry that I find here. Also if you have any great poems that you think should be shared you can leave them in the comments. I would like to do this every week. 

1. Sun – HocusPocus13

2. Rushing – Shawn L. Bird

3. Winged Thoughts – Peace, Love and Patchouli

4.  Let Me Heal You – S. M. Pastore

5. Flourish by Nightfall – LoftyDreams101

6. One Last Time – The Darkest Raven

7. My Diamond Sutra – Wuji Seshat

8. Cheers, Alice – Dicky J Loweman

9. On a Tuesday Solitude – Chester Maynes

10. Glass House – Two Minutes of Freedom

Again this is just a partial list of some of the poetry that I have read on here recently that spoke to me. Please feel free to share any poets or poems that inspire you in the comments. Thanks!