13 Bands/Songs With the Word Dead In the Title (With Videos)

This list basically came together specifically because I wanted to put the new Dead Milkmen song on my blog.

I love to steal other peoples graphics. Their hard work will make my blog popular!

1. The Dead Milkmen – “The Sun Turns Our Patio Into a Lifeless Hell”

2. Nine Inch Nails – “Dead Souls”

3. The Dead Weather – “Treat Me Like Your Mother”

4. Björk – “Play Dead”

5. Dead Kennedys – “Let’s Lynch The Landlord”

6. Spinnerette – “The Walking Dead”

7. Faith No More – “Surprise! You’re Dead!”

8. The Misfits – “Night of the Living Dead”

9. Oingo Boingo – “Dead Man’s Party”

10. …And You Will Us By The Trail of Dead – “The Ghost Within”

11. The Dillinger Escape Plan – “Dead As History”

12. Frank Zappa – “Dead Girls of London”

13. GG Allin – “Dead Or Alive”

Well thanks for joining me on this post, my apologies if any of these videos won’t play or if they have been removed.

9 of the Best Songs (You May Not Have Heard) by …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (With Videos)

With the upcoming ninth release from Trail of Dead, I thought I would share my favorite songs from this crushingly underrated band.

This band have released a torrent of intense albums since 1995, and though their sound has evolved, they continue in the tradition of a great progressive rock/punk.

(In no particular order.)

1. Mistakes & Regrets (Madonna)

2. Days of Being Wild (Source Tags & Code)

3. Let It Dive (World Apart)

4. Wasted State of Mind (So Divided)

5. Bells of Creation (The Century of Self)

6. Let’s Experiment (The Tao of the Dead)

7. Time and Again (Lost Songs)

8. Festival Thyme (Festival Thyme EP)

9. Naked Sun (So Divided)

10 of the best “Underground Cartoonists” (than inspire me)

So many people ask me who inspires my creative and inventive art (not really) but I’ll tell you any ways. This is a list of some of my favorite imaginative artists. (Not in any particular order:)

1. Gary Baseman http://garybaseman.com/


The strange and surreal world of GB has always inspired and amazed me.

2. Basil Wolverton http://www.wolvertoon.com/basilmain.html

Beautiful Triplets Award Goes To…

I remember the first time I flipped to a Basil Wolverton illustration in a Mad magazine. I starred at it transfixed for a very long time. I still flip it open occasionally and drool.

3. Buff Monster http://www.buffmonster.com/

I Scream for Ice Cream!

The awesome street art of Buff Monster inspires much of my line work. P.S. I love his dunny’s!

4. Alex Pardee (Bunnywith) http://bunnywith.snafu-comics.com/

In an alternate comic book universe.

I love how Alex took one character to perfection and flushed it out with tons of funny and creative ideas.

5. Tiki Tony http://www.tikitony.com/shop.html

You know I’m cute…and drunk!

Tiki Tony is my favorite tiki artist. He also draws on shoes. Nuff’ said!

6. Becca Rocks http://beccasbombshells.tumblr.com/

Now those ticket prices seem worth it!

Becca has perfected the art of Pin-Up.

7. Marc Hansen (Ralph Snart) http://www.marchansenstuff.com/

Ralph Snart ruined my childhood innocence.

8. El Gato Gomez http://www.elgatogomezarts.com/

I tan better in the moonlight.

El Gato is one of my favorite artists. She pumps out an endless supply of awesome retro paintings. My wife and I would like to own them all!

9. Mark Ryden http://www.markryden.com/

This seems totally normal to me.

Probably one of the most famous people on this list and not strictly a cartoonist, but he still inspires much of my surrealisttendencies.

10. Guillaumit http://guillaumit.tumblr.com/

My Cartoon Life…

Artist for Gangpol and Mit, and all around french guy. His characters and creativity blow my mind. I could lose a whole day watching his music videos.

Thanks for reading my post. Please comment and let me know about any other artists you think I should look into!

Author: Sean Smith www.deathbycartoon.com

Scary, Funny, and Weird Halloween Movies I’ve Watched (With Trailer Links)

Wow, they must have a big screen TV…

I love movies. Mostly though, I love horror movies. I like the scary ones, the funny ones, the campy ones and even the candy-corny ones.
Big problem though. I can never remember which I have watched and (witch) I have not. So this post will be my memory.

I will post trailer links as well.
Feel free to comment if I am missing any good Halloween movies that you think I might like.

Here is the list of Horror & Halloween movies in no particular order with my own personal rating. I also designated if they are thriller, alien, ghost story, weird, revenge, comedy, dark comedy, romance, found footage, gore, slasher, killer, action, mystery, campy, vampire, werewolf, Frankenstein, monster, classic horror, Halloween, stop animation, cartoon, CGI, demon, demonic possession, witch, voodoo, curse, virus, zombie, parasite, scary or mind-bending.

As a note, all the videos I am putting her are ones I recommend (though that doesn’t mean you will like them :).

For a huge list of Halloween Movies, go to : Spooktacular Movies

1. Eden Lake 7.7 Thriller/Gore/Scary
2. The Moth Diaries  8.6 Ghost Story/Vampire/Weird
3. Oculus  9.4 Ghost Story/Weird/Mind-Bending/Scary
4. Dead Silence  6.8 Ghost Story/Weird/Gore/Scary
5. Drag Me  To Hell 7.9 Campy/Demon/Gore/Curse
6. Mama 8.1 Ghost Story/Weird/Scary
7. Paranorman 9.3 Ghost Story/Witch/Stop Animation/Halloween/Campy
8. Frankenweenie 9.4 Frankenstein/Stop Animation/Campy/Monster
9. Dark Shadows 8.9 Vampire/Comedy/Witch/Campy
10. Trick ‘r Treat  7.9 Campy/Vampire/Ghost Story/Halloween/Gore/Dark Comedy/Slasher
11. Underworld 8.6 Vampire/Action/Werewolf
12. Wolf Creek 9.2 Slasher/Thriller/Gore/Scary
13. Bad Kids Go To Hell 7.1 Ghost Story/Curse/Dark Comedy
14. Fright Night 1985 8.9 Vampire/Campy
15. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark 8.3 Comedy/Witch/Campy
16. Cursed 8.5 Werewolf/Campy/Comedy
17. Stir of Echos 9.8 Ghost Story/Scary
18. All Cheerleaders Die 7.9 Zombie/Revenge/Gore/Dark Comedy
19. Cabin in the Woods 8.4 Dark Comedy/Campy/Scary/Monster/Demon/Ghost Story
20. Haunter 8.7  Killer/Ghost Story/Weird/Scary
21. Cabin Fever: Patient Zero 6.9 Virus/Gore/Dark Comedy
22. The Returned 7.8 Zombie/Gore
23. Apartment 1303 6.2 Ghost Story
24. Haunt 6.1 Ghost Story/Killer
25. Monster House 9.2  Ghost Story/Monster/CGI/Halloween
26. Big Ass Spider  7.5 Comedy/Monster/Gore/Campy
27. Silent Hill 9.3  Ghost Story/Witch/Scary/Weird
28. Halloween 1978 8.7 Slasher/Scary/Halloween
29. Fun Size 8.4  Halloween/Comedy
30. Hocus Pocus 9.3 Halloween/Witch/Campy/Comedy/Curse
31. Vamps 7.7 Vampire/Comedy
32. Child’s Play 8.8 Killer/Curse/Scary
33. House of Wax 2005 7.5 Killer/Weird
34. Candyman 8.8 Killer/Revenge/Ghost Story
35. An American Werewolf in London 8.9 Werewolf/Curse/Scary/Campy
36. The Mist 9.2 Scary/Monster/Mind-Bending
37. Scream 8.9 Slasher/Dark Comedy/Halloween
38. Beetlejuice 9.4 Dark Comedy/Ghost Story/Weird
39. What Lies Beneath 8.9 Ghost Story/Revenge
40. The Lost Boys 9.0 Vampire
41. The Monkey’s Paw 6.8 Curse/Gore
42. 1408 9.3 Ghost Story/Curse/Weird/Mind-Bending
43. Christine 8.9 Demonic Possession/Killer
44. The Skeleton Key 8.6 Voodoo/Scary
45. Shaun of the Dead 9.6 Dark Comedy/Zombie
46. Cry_Wolf 7.7 Thriller/Killer
47. Dracula Dead and Loving 8.3 Comedy/Vampire/Campy
48. Shivers 6.8 Gore/Weird/Parasite
49. Wolf  7.7 Werewolf
50. The Monster Squad 8.5 Comedy/Werewolf/Vampire/Monster/Mummy
51. The Ring 9.2 Ghost Story/Scary/Mind-Bending
52. Casper 9.0  Ghost Story/Comedy/CGI & Live Action
53. Teen Wolf 8.8 Werewolf/Comedy/Campy
54. The Number 23 9.1 Thriller/Killer/Mind-Bending
55. Queen of the Damned 9.3 Vampire
56. The Haunting 9.0 Ghost Story
57. Case 39 8.3 Demonic Possession/Scary
58. Chastity Bites 6.4 Comedy/Vampire
59. The Quiet Ones 8.1 Ghost Story
60. Sinister 8.8 Ghost Story/Demon/Curse/Gore/Scary
61. Sleepy Hollow 9.6 Ghost Story/Mystery/Witch/Revenge
62. A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 9.1  Killer/Revenge/Mind-Bending
63. Insidious 8.5 Ghost Story/Demonic Possession/Scary
64. Young Frankenstein 9.3 Comedy/Campy/Frankenstein
65. Insidious 2 8.4 Ghost Story/Demonic Possession/Scary
66. You’re Next 8.7 Killer/Gore/Revenge/Scary
67. Elvira’s Haunted Hills 7.8 Comedy/Classic Horror
68. The Awakening 8.7 Ghost Story/Mystery
69. V/H/S 7.2 Found Footage/Weird/Ghost Story/Monster/Vampire
70. The Den 6.1 Killer/Gore /Slasher
71. The Rage: Carrie 2 7.6 Revenge/Gore
72. Warm Bodies 8.4 Romance/Comedy/Zombie
73. Smiley 7.2 Slasher/Gore/Ghost Story
74. All Hallows Eve 7.8 Killer/Gore/Demon/Clown/Scary
75. Carrie 2013 8.5 Revenge/Gore
76. Identity 9.0 Killer/Mystery
77. Secret Window 9.1 Killer/Mystery
78. Cabin Fever 8.8 Virus/Gore/Dark Comedy
79. Stay Alive 7.7 Ghost Story/Mystery/Killer
80. Argento’s: Dracula 5.8 Vampire/Classic Horror
81. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 8.5 Vampire/Werewolf/Action
82. Wer 7.7 Werewolf/Gore
83. Mercy (Stephen King) 7.8 Witch/Curse/Scary/Killer
84. Extraterrestrial 8.7 Alien/Thriller/Scary
85. The Host 9.3 Monster/Virus/Foreign/Action
86. The Taking of Deborah Logan 7.8 Ghost Story/Demonic Possession/Killer/Scary/Found Footage
87. Tower of Terror 8.4 Ghost Story/Comedy/Witch/Curse/Halloween
88. Wolf Cop 7.6 Dark Comedy/Werewolf
89. I Saw the Devil 8.3 Killer/Revenge/Gore/

Movies I’m Watching Next…

I, Frankenstein
Shock Value

More to come…