She sits by windows
Reads books by moonlight
Words dancing into her soul
She thinks no one gets her
Mostly she doesn’t always understand herself

Maybe in time 
Though she wonders how much she has left
How empty the void
Before it collapses into itself
Could she write enough poetry
To spell out her destiny

If she has a friend
How long until they disappear
Can she just crawl inside this fiction
These ghosts of literature
Are less frightening 
Than the ghosts in her life

Will she succumb to the crashing
Of the waves and in silence

No one gets her
She can make sure of that  
And though she may live life invisible
She will not disappear

Will she succumb to the demons
Waiting in the shadows
Or to her own reflection
Staring back like some alien

Will she just one day evaporate
And turn back into the stuff of stars
Some days she wishes she could 
With just a thought

She turns the page
Just in case the story gets better
An drop of rain hits the window
Or maybe it was a tear dropping
On the tattered paper

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