The Endless Twist

i could watch the endless twist
of spiraling stars as they surround
the lonely space around your wrist
your pulsing veins rhythmically rebound
as you pull your fingers into fists
grinding rocks into the ground
your breath creates a mourning mist
that stirs the spirits earthly bound
your tired eyes like moon-quake rifts
search the universe for worlds unfound
beyond a reality that still persists
until its frayed ends come unwound
and even though it might resist
a brilliant spectacle will astound
then everything cease to exist
and fade away without a sound
a last glance at your desolate wrist
abandoned by stars that once were wound
lost like lips for centuries unkissed
the sadness of a queen uncrowned
this feeling to last forever wished
we are empty
into space and loneliness
until it all comes back around

Future Enemies

we sleep in the dust of empty cities
and dream of our future enemies

we are the ghosts that haunt this place
wishing for eternity
passing like the moon fades its shine
we are only temporary
we shine on in our own way

take this hand
into the sun
fear not the echoes in these
empty alleys
empty promises
in the eyes of our future enemies

fear not
though our lives are temporary
we will shine on
shine on
blinding the eyes of our future enemies

i will not beg
for less pain
i will not ask
for any refrain
freeze me with your heart
burn me with your touch
throw me at the feet
of my future enemy

these worlds
created by unity
not by singularity
our spirits
our bodies
may weaken
lay broken
discarded like obscenities

picked away by demons
our bones becoming dust
on the feet of our future enemies

our spirits
still haunting
chocking the air
they are breathing
poisoning the water
they are drinking
then we go back to sleep

sleep in the dust of their
empty cities
always waiting
for our future enemies

Wake With the Sun

we wake with the sun
shining through our flesh
and jump from ivory towers
into fields of flowers
and we might even cry
when a bee flys by
cause this might be
our favorite reality
though it all might end soon
and its not even noon

we swallow diamonds
and breath life into the sky
and we might cry
when a cloud floats by
jump in the abyss
give death a sweet kiss
darkness has such a strange musk
still its not even dusk

when the stars dance above
we dance below
and if its not love
its better
ghostly screams from the moor
this dark
doesn’t fill me with fear
the hours feel like days
hypnotized by our waves
leave every pain behind
come with me
it might all go without a warning
and its not even morning


Picture by Death by Cartoon

It No Longer Chains You

fake it
keep your head down
you can make it
see the sea fade
into the oceans roar
close your eyes and remember
you’ve been here before

fall into every mistake you make
see the world with eyes closed
today might surprise you
it might be wonderful

cut a hole in the sky
with a grin
throw everything you own in
it no longer chains you

the symmetry of your memory
seeps in from the edges like a vignette
you remember at the same pace you forget
the voice keeps asking
don’t you remember
don’t you remember

you’ve been here before
with eyes closed
this time with a grin
it no longer chains you




Disaster #23

Picking up the pieces of this disaster
Keep chasing it around
It runs faster and faster
And faster and faster
Keep sucking the wind
From the stormy seas
I exhale new worlds but they mean nothing to me
Nothing to me n
o nothing to me

Stay awhile
       You say like a child
All the while I’m victim
        Of an ever fading smile

Stare at you with the lights in your face
It’s brilliant yet it seems like a waste
Never trust your perfect white teeth
They bite and they bite, bite and they bite
Rough me up
It’s how we get rich
All this happiness expunged
Time for a new stitch
It’s time for a new stitch

I keep running, I ran right passed her
I keep chasing a smile but it’s fading
faster and faster
             and faster and
                     faster and faster
                                 and faster and
                                         faster and faster and faster…

Lose yourself in this distraction
Watch it tumble from a minor infraction
It’s covered in blood and crawling toward you
Crawling and crawling and crawling to you
All this mystery lost in the patterns
The curtains close, you act like nothing matters
Get in your car and you drive away
Drive away you keep driving and driving
You can never get away never get away



How time stands still
When caught in a wave
Waiting for a hand to
Reach out and save you

That blackness evolves
When you realize
Destiny has finally
Screwed you

The hum of the engine
Ringing in your left ear
Sink to the bottom too quick
Too late to be switching gears

Mostly full of wrong decisions
No ink left for revisions
Don’t even think I can find a pen
This was only a matter of when

Wave bye to the bubbles
On their way to escape through
It makes you want to scream
But no one can hear you

Wrong turn on the right bridge
Water coming through the window
As you slip into the darkness
You realize you don’t want to go

Mostly full of wrong decisions
Got no ink left for revisions
Don’t even think I can find a pen
This was only a matter of when

Lived a life of bad decisions
Leaving all these small incisions
Never seemed to find the time
Find the remote and press rewind



We Bleed Either Way

In joy or in pain
We bleed either way
Destined for greatness
Or left in a ditch
We live life anyway
I watch the sky split apart
It made no difference
Sun shone all the day
I saw your smile
Hiding in shadows
You carried on
Never swayed

Maybe it never really mattered
All these emotions so scattered
Our hearts and minds left tattered
Can’t say it makes much difference

In joy or in pain
We suffer the day
With the clouds in our hearts
We forget who we are
And with all this against us
This short life before us
We carry on unafraid
With doom in our minds
The sun still peeks
Through the blinds
We never give way
We just bleed through the day
Shine through clouds of gray
Carry on anyway

With all this between us
How can we ever be true
This short life before us
Without meaning
The spirits that haunt us

How we wake in the morning
A new sun to warm us
Feel lost in the forest
How we sleep in the evening
The cold night surrounds us
Nightmares distort us
How heavy it weighs
Living life in this daze
We carry on anyway

Maybe it never really mattered
All these emotions so scattered
Our hearts and minds left tattered
Maybe it never matters

When our cold body splatters
Torn into tatters
Can’t say it makes much difference


Any Crash You Can Walk Away From…

It’s not over
I still feel it
Like a blinding flash of light
I’m still reeling
It’s alive in my mind
On constant replay
Like a crash
Like a crashing wave

We’re on the freeway
We couldn’t stay the course
We couldn’t see the road
Before us anymore

And I’m still driving
I see it in your eyes
The damage
Yet to come
I see it your eyes
As you wave goodbye

   I want to stay
You’re still packing
A crescent moon
To guide you home

   I want to stay
Hear you laughing
The stars have left me
In the dark alone

The bumps in the road
Came too soon
No time to blame
Someone new
These blown out wheels
And roadside fires
Destined to leaves us
Broken and tired

But it’s not over
I still feel it
It’s in your eyes
As you wave goodbye
It’s in the wave
As it’s breaking
This life is ours still
Ours for the taking



We Should Build a Bomb

If I thought that we could rectify
Brilliant minds laying waste
Perhaps now we will vilify you
Put you in charge so we can cast our stones
Broken people with token hearts
To have the end we needed just to start

We should build a bomb
Put it in our home
Light the fuse
Run for cover
It’ll soon be over

Shine a light into your eyes
And curse you for your blindness
Take everything you give
Curse you for your kindness
We gave you the crown
We can take your head

Welfare and warfare
Better hold your tongue
Satellites wish us good night
Waving from your throne
We gave you the crown

We are all out here
We are all alone

The TV is a phantom
Haunting our every waking thought
It’s like a nightmarish dream
In which we’re forever caught
The TV is our mother
Never need another
Staring from the wall
With it’s bloodshot shot eye
If only it could feed and hold us
Instead of only pacify

If they thought they could vilify
Every humble heart
Put a knife in the hands of society
Blood dripping from their fingertips
An image stays much longer
Your name forever on their lips
A hatred lasts much longer
When born from a lie
It won’t take much to demonize you
We hardly even have to try

You know this work is easy
Barely lift a finger
That momentary feeling so uneasy
Don’t worry it won’t linger
We might love you today
Now watch as we start to sway
We grave you the crown
Heavy like gilded lead
We will bring you down
Off with your head