Time Is Fleeting (Blog Update)

I’ve been a bit busy lately, so that explains my sporadic posting and why I haven’t been liking your posts. I finally found some time today. I have still been writing daily, so I have quite a few poems saved up for next week. Also I’ve been practicing guitar for a few hours everyday, so hopefully some new music and videos soon. Okay, back to practice!


Laying awake one night, It suddenly occurred to me…

Laying awake one night, It suddenly occurred to me that nothing was real. Images, colors and shapes danced before my visual cortex and sent messages to my brain forcing me to perceive these things as true, but in the darkness without out visual stimuli, I realized that it was all a lie. I switched on my bedroom light, half expecting to see that the floors and walls had melted away, that this sudden knowledge had collapsed the loose fabric of my reality…

Working on new music…


My workload loosens up a tiny bit at the beginning of the year even though my customer load increases, go figure…

…so I started to work on some new tunes for a possible 2015 record release.

So at this point I am spending as much time as possible filling my head with musical influences.

I am shooting for a clean punk/rock/indie sound which is harder to pull off using Ableton Live than you would imagine.

Some of my influences for this record are:

Systems Officer – Pacer

Three Mile Pilot – Year of No Light

Screaming Females – Ripe

OFF! – “Over Our Heads”

I even all ready have an album title!

Check out my updated bandcamp page here:


What I’m Listening To (or Watching) or Reading (or Playing) or Eating

Now that the end of the year is looming, my workload becomes expansive. Time for art, poetry, anarchy…becomes non-existent…and blogging? Forget-a-bout-it…

Anyway, I do still make sure to rest and entertain myself, so here is a little taste of what I have been enjoying.

If you are familiar with Elysian Fields (New York Band), you might know of this guy…I was also lucky enough to chat with him for a bit on FB.


This album is so good I had to buy it.

Do you like movie music? If you do, here is a round-table of some of my favorites ( Danny Elfman, Trent Reznor) talking bout the biz…


So I also have a great friend/customer who has become a published author. She writes some pretty steamy erotica and it’s been an enjoyable read :P…

Running Away to Home (Swept Away Book 1)

In my spare time I picked up a game on Amazon that I had torrented awhile back. It’s a fun shooter based on the graphic novel The Darkness. It’s fun and twisted with a great storyline…

The Darkness II – PC

My wife came across a great vegan Alfredo recipe that we enjoyed for Christmas dinner…


Here’s how it turned out…

I ate a bit more than this!

Well thanks for letting me share 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I could never justify complaining about my life…

…but I work a lot. It’s my lot in life, but for the most part it has brought me fulfillment and happiness as well as the ability to pay my bills.

The thing is I am a very creative person with a strong love and need to create. Music, art or poetry, it’s all the same to me, a creative outlet.

The problem is when you work 60+ hours a week and have a family, there is very little ME time. This is one reason why I don’t write long blog posts or comment on the blogs I follow as much as I’d like to.

It especially frustrates me when I find a great video like this one that make me want to actually practice my craft/crafts, but I will have to wait until I have more time. I really dislike waiting. I’m a more seize the day kind of guy but I have a finite amount of time or energy.

In the interim, I guess I’ll just watch a ton of tutorials and hope some of it sticks.

Want to compose a song? Duane Denison is here to help (part 2)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Happy Birthday to me!

I celebrate 37 years of existence on this specific physical plane today, and it’s made more special because I get to celebrate at home with my beautiful wife and wonderful family!

I don’t eat turkey, but I have a kitchen full of delicious food I’m going to stuff down my gullet…

I hope everyone has a great day today!

Photoshop Painting Tutorials (and why I missed posting for a day…)

So I woke up this morning and realized I skipped a day on posting to this blog. Not really a big deal, but I fear that one day can turn into one week or one month. For me a strict routine is needed or I tend to just fall of the cliff, free-falling until I’m struck by a ledge that has jutted out from the side of the mountain. Then comes the tedious climb back up…

What I’m saying is that if I don’t post daily, I won’t even post weekly…and I want to. This blog has been my most successful and enjoyable and I plan on keeping it that way.

The reason I missed yesterday was because I immersed myself in some very enlightening and fun to watch Photoshop Painting Tutorials.

Here are the links:

Digital Painting 101- (1 of 5) – Intro from matt kohr on Vimeo.

This last video is 5 parts and has a lot of beginner info, but I always like “brushing ” up on my Photoshop painting shortcuts and tricks anyway.