Vinnie and The Plant

Vinnie was born with a green thumb
he really knew how to grow plants,
He won every contest he entered
and killing them, there was no chance,
But with all the time spent with foliage
there wasn’t much time to make friends,
Then one day he found a strange seed
and took it home to pot and to tend,
But the plant grew six feet in one night
and Vinnie was shocked when he saw it,
A sight that would fill most with fright
but Vinnie was happier than shit!

But he jumped when he heard a voice
say “Feed me Vinnie, I’m hungry!”,
Vinnie asked “What food is your choice?”
The plant said “It’s people for me!”
So Vinnie went out in search for food
he brought back Hobo’s and Hookers and such
But the pressure of killing and feeding
for Vinnie it just was too much,
So he tried to run away one night
cause the plant had destroyed his soul,
But the plant knew what Vinnie was planning
and the plant just swallowed him whole!

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